Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Snapshots: The Blessed Life

Here is another installment of "Snapshots". You can click here to read the first. :)

An older woman with peppered wavy shoulder-length hair approached Lincoln and me in Sunflower market at the peach stand. She wore baggy navy sweats and a loose white t-shirt. Her face was a bit gaunt from age, and her eyes had a lonely softness to them. Lincoln looked at her and responded with his signature tongue-out-of-the-mouth smile and a bashful cuddle into me. She reached out to grab his little leg and Lincoln opened his mouth in a wide grin for her in response. "That made my whole day!" she exclaimed as she turned away with one more quick glance back on her way to the front of the store.

Squire and I went out to eat at a Guatemalan restaurant downtown for date night a couple weeks ago. As we were walking down the sidewalk to head back to the car, we saw a young man - probably in his late teens or early twenties. He had dark skin, dull greasy black hair that hung down in choppy pieces around his face. His Peruvian face was lax, his mouth hanging open and his eyes half-way closed. He wore a large dark puffy winter coat even though the temperature was in the 90's somewhere. He stumbled back and forth along the wide sidewalk against our direction of travel. He looked up for a moment and a change passed over his face as he saw Squire and I walking together, holding hands, with Lincoln on my hip. He let out a muffled yell in surprise at first, "What a good little family!" Then, to tell everyone else who was around, "A good little family! Move out of the way! Let them through! It's a good family!" 

At the grocery store, a woman walked purposefully in my direction - set on engaging me in a conversation - even though I was already chatting with my younger sister McKenzie on my cell phone. She had a faded blonde-gray bob and wore a bright large floral print dress and a cherry red cardigan. When she began to talk with me, I could see bronze-colored crowns covering many of her teeth. She laughed as she saw Lincoln's smile, "What a little showboat!" "Yep! He loves attention for sure," I responded with a smile. "He's got a dimple in his right cheek!" Lincoln continued to bathe in the adoration that was being heaped upon him by the woman with shy smiles in her direction. Suddenly and seriously, she turned to look my straight in my eyes and said, "You are very lucky. No, no! You, are blessed!"

These moments, among countless others continue to impress upon my mind again and again and again the beautiful life I have with my sweet son, and my good husband. Yes, life can be difficult. I rarely accomplish all the things I want to everyday. I've certainly had my fair share of feeling lost in this crazy adjustment to motherhood. But, more and more I'm becoming comfortable with the sacrifices I'm learning to make for my family. I hesitate to use the word sacrifice, because lately all I've been feeling is gratitude for my life. One smile from my son made a woman proclaim out in joy, that her whole day had been made! I get at least 100 of those smiles - many of them accompanied by wild, silly, slap-happy laughter - every day of my life. And the man who made this sweet baby boy with me, kneels in prayer and thanks God for him and for me each night. An intoxicated young man downtown and a flamboyant aging woman in the grocery store could both easily see in one glance what I sometimes foolishly miss for hours at a time - that my life is good. It is oh so good. And I am blessed. Who could ask for more than this?
Tongue out in the the true Lincoln fashion.
Plucky at bath time.


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