Friday, October 14, 2011

Progress: Rustic Baby Room Crafts/Decor

Today was a busy busy day for me in the crafting arena. Remember all my plans for Lincoln's room? Well, after today I am a few projects closer to achieving that lodge/rustic look! I thought I would share my progress with you all. I plan to include all these items pictured below in a wall art collage, (including the felt moose - not pictured here), and a scrap-booked picture of Lincoln's feet from when he was first born.

The finished wall crafts. :)
I dug through our big boxes of house decorations (that have yet to be hung . . .), and found a couple frames. I decided to use them to house Lincoln's wall art done by this talented gal.

The re-purposed picture mat.
I covered the white mat for the frame with some cute scrapbook paper and added some gold detail with my stamp pad to make it pop a bit more.

Next, I made a letter "L" for Lincoln. I made it from some dry birch branches from the dollar store and some fake leaves from Jo-anns. A little craft wire and ta-da! A letter. I would have used the branches from the dead tree in our front yard, but I'm paranoid that it like every other plant in Tucson is poisonous . . . plus they were more squiggly than I wanted. Here's the finished product:
Plucked fresh out of the woods!
Next up: the fake bug terrarium! I've seen some terrarium pictures floating around online and I pretty much love them all. So, with the terrariums as my inspiration, I came up with an ultra low maintenance (dead) version for Lincoln's room - with the addition of some creepy crawlers!

Dried moss from Jo-ann's, dirt and rocks courtesy of my back yard.
I made the bugs for the jar from some polymer clay I had in my craft box - leftover from my crafts class in high school! Proof to us all that either that clay is going to outlast the Apocalypse or that Ziploc sandwich bags are really just that fantastic. I baked them at 300*F for one hour and they turned out perfect. Here are the close-ups of the bugs:
Beetley pincher bug with a rhino nose.
Spikey caterpillar.
Aerial shot of their Savers jar um, habitat.
I have one more project I want to share with you! They have been "done" for a while now, but I have been reluctant to post a picture because they aren't quite where I want them to be yet. The bottom of these old jean curtains is very uneven, so I need to trim them and wash them again, and then cut off all the fuzzles . . . again. And that is seriously a pain. So, I don't know when (or if) I will ever get around to that. We'll see. They are what they are for now. They block out the sun for Lincoln's nap, so they accomplish their most important task. (Evidence that quilting is not for me. Haha.)
6 1/2 pairs of old jeans, cut into different sized strips, ends facing out.
I'm working on another project for Lincoln with the leftover bum pockets! :) But, you'll have to wait to see that one.
Notice the mobile hanging there? My mom made it for Lincoln for his baby shower. :)
Lincoln loves the bumper pads and polka dot sheet we got for him off of Craigslist for $5. They add to the woodsy theme, and keep his legs from getting stuck out the backside of the crib. Haha.
Lucky #7. I love that baby!
One more fun fact: Did you know that Lincoln is the 7th baby to use this crib?! I was the second. ;)

Good night folks!

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