Saturday, October 29, 2011

Party Crashing: All's Well That Ends Well

So, today was sort of one of those nothing-goes-as-planned but surprisingly-ends-mostly-well days. 

The Not well: 
  • We were planning on going to a church trunk-or-treat tonight. We got emails and heard some things word of mouth about the when and where. But relied on the flier we picked up from church on Sunday for the info come party day . . . it turns out the flier wasn't for our ward's activity. 
  • We were late anyways (what's new in my life?) because I was rushing to finish our Halloween costumes that were supposed to be done for the other Halloween party we went to last week.
  • I lost my cell phone. Again. :(   :*(  :**( I know I have issues. And I'm very sad about it - the issues and the loss of my cell phone this time around. So, if you need to contact me, my cell isn't the way to do it FYI.
  • My attitude most of the evening definitely qualified for the "not well" list. Seriously, I was pathetic. Squire even had the nerve to open up my Halloween playlist and select "Witchy Woman" to send me the message. It made me laugh when I heard it, but the joke quickly wore off and my bitterness about the no-good-terrible-very-bad night stuck for the larger portion of the evening.
The Well:
  • The Ward's party we crashed was pretty fun. No one treated us as the intruders we were.
  • Lincoln experienced his very first haunted house at the ripe old age of eight months. I was very hesitant and whiny about the whole situation and just wanted to leave right up until we went through. My worry was unnecessary. Lincoln didn't blink an eye or make a peep.
  • And that haunted house was pretty darn creative and scary. Each room of the haunted house required you find a letter. The letters spelled a secret word. And upon announcing the secret word - "Scream" in the treasure room, we each got an Otterpop. :)
  • Some funny little girls dragged me into the breezeway to get me to be a part of their impromptu haunted house, but I just ended up laying there waiting for a long time until Squire saved me by saying we needed to go. It was worth the laugh.
  • We got several compliments on our costumes. :) One random guy took our picture. And another guy announced loudly that our costumes were the best of the night. "That was my favorite childhood book!"
  • We had a good time talking with our next door neighbor, Hannah - who came along with her baby girl - and who was very patient despite my lateness and unpleasantness for the first 3/4 of the evening.
  • We now have a huge bowl full of Harribo gummi bears, Swedish fish, and Sour Patch Kids. This bullet point may have to be transferred to the "not well" list for what consuming all of these might do to our bodies, but for now I'm not complaining. And now, we're just all that much more prepared for Monday should any trick-or-treaters come our way.
So, what were we for Halloween anyways?!

We were Wild Things from the book, Where the Wild Things Are! Lincoln was Max, and Squire and  I were monsters.

Inspiration for our costumes came from this lady's pic.
My feet - not pictured above, but definitely worth at least one photo.
 Below are three horribly unflattering pictures of me, but they are keepers for family history. These were pictures Squire took on his cell phone when Lincoln tried on his costume for the first time last week. Lincoln was so proud of himself! He loved being dressed up. You could tell by his expressions that he knew there was something special about the way he was dressed and he was happy about it.

Love this baby boy.

Excited to be dressed up.

Trying to figure out where to attach the tail.
 That's all folks! It's way too late for me to be blogging. Night night - don't let the wild things bite!


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