Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shedding Velvet: Lincoln's First Tooth

Whenever I think of babies teething (and all of my friends' stories about the never-ending painful tear-ridden process), I have an image similar to the one below come to mind:
Image Credit: NOAA Photo Library on flikr
This moose has a remnant of the tree he was rubbing his antler against. The above photo is less gnarly/bloody that this one! Did you know that in moose, "Antler growth is nourished through a network of blood vessels contained in a soft smooth skin called velvet. The velvet is usually shed by August or September." - NYSConservationist


So - moosen - I mean moose ;) (see the video above to catch the reference) often have bloody antlers during these months as they begin to shed their velvet. In a short book on moose I read back when my family went to Yellowstone last year, I learned that though their antlers are bloody, the moose feel no pain through this shedding process. Though, that's kind of hard for me to believe. . . in any case, this shedding of the velvet is a sign of preparing for maturity as they frees their antlers to battle other moose and stuff. Yeah. I'm sure you don't care to read the encyclopedia entry on moose. Suffice it to say, I think there is a connection between the two - moose, shedding their velvet and babies growing teeth. The bloody freeing of their antlers/teeth through scratching on trees or other moose/biting everything and everyone . . .

Anyways, here's my announcement: my little moose shed a bit of velvet this week - Yes, Lincoln has his very first tooth!

This past week has been extra rough for him. I thought he had an ear infection because he was constantly grabbing at his left ear. He was up a couple extra times each night instead of sleeping through it. He also was just generally more whiny and needy - he didn't want any solid food, only to nurse. So, I brought him in to see the pediatrician just to make sure he was ok. And it turns out he is! He just has a little tooth poking through - right side center bottom. You can't hardly see it - only a bit of a red patch, but you can feel the pokey little thing if you rub a finger over his bottom gum.
The tooth! Which you can't see in this photo, but this is the best you're going to get for now.
I can't believe how fast my little baby is growing! He is becoming a little man more every day. Bye bye Babydom, Hello Toddlertown! Wish us luck as we work on shedding the rest of his "velvet"!
Me and Linc after a cuddly nap together.
Even better than luck though, you could share your 
favorite making-teething-comfortable advice . . . ;)


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