Tuesday, September 13, 2011


If you could take a look in my home and my life right this very moment, you would discover a pattern unmistakeably consistent.

You would find a bed with the sheets pulled tight and neat and the quilt and pillows disheveled on the ground. On the dryer rests a pile of clean unfolded laundry, and inside it a load of clean but wet cloth diapers.  You would find a dishwasher full of clean dishes and two sinks full of ones begging to be washed.

You would find a cell phone with a host of blog post ideas typed in the memo box and an even greater host of ideas floating aimlessly in recesses of my mind. You would see two books half-way read, three news articles in my browser half-browsed, and a text message impatiently blinking for my attention.

You would see fabric cut-out to be sewn into an apron, scrap denim curtains needing more altering and tending, and a Basmati rice bag turned lined reusable shopping bag awaiting a longer handle and a few more hand-stitches to be complete.

You would see cubes of freshly prepared and frozen sweet potato and peaches in the freezer, and a tray yet awaiting pureed squash and green beans. You might not notice the plastic grocery bags tucked out of baby's reach, but the mauled empty tissue box is in plain sight. You would hear a baby half-way between nap time and wakefulness, and half-way between a drooling cry and a toothy grin.  A baby who is dressed for the day and mother who is not.

You would see a blog post half-composed in another tab, but this one you are reading now, it will be finished. I must only add one final declaration: If I can complete half the things on my half way list today I would consider myself half-way to sanity and most certainly part Wonder Woman (who has a tendency of wearing only half an outfit. . . perfect!) ;)

1978 Wonder Woman Whitman Cards 1
Image Credit: andertoons on flikr


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