Friday, September 9, 2011

The Bright Side of Summer Sickness

This week I had so many plans to get things done. Unfortunately, what I thought were only random allergies have evolved into a full blown Summer cold for me, Lincoln, and (it seems) Squire is on the path to get one too. And so, those plans have been thwarted. Yes, being sick is seriously a bummer. But instead of fretting I've decided to attempt to look on the bright side with a clever blog post. Introducing . . .

Image Credit: dandeluca on flikr

My Top 10 Reasons Why Having a Summer Cold Isn't All That Bad: 

1. Guilt-free all-day PJ wearing. Who doesn't love wearing jammies all day? And babies in cute footie pj's? Even better.

2. You don't have to make the bed - because you're already in it most the day!

3. Remember that fun dizzy feeling you got as a little kid when you'd twirl around in circles in the living room until you fell to the floor? Well, you get to have that feeling without any of the work.

4. "Selective" hearing ability is greatly enhanced with 50% hearing loss.

5. Air-conditioning privileges. In order to save on our air conditioning bill, we've had to get used to keeping our house at 78*F during the day, and turning it off completely at night (the house usually gets to 81*-85* then.) But, Squire says sick people get to have the house at 76*! Haha. I feel like I'm in an Igloo or something. It's pretty awesome.

6. A completely foreign two-octave-deeper voice. Prank calls anyone?

7. Babies who are sick love to cuddle. And sleep too. It's a well-known fact that cuddly, sleepy(ing) babies are just plain sweet and adorable.

8. Husbands come home earlier than normal from school. :)

9. It provides a legitimate excuse to not make dinner and just order something instead.

10. Sorry. My mind's a little too fuzzy to think of a real tenth reason. All I'm going to say is that I'm just really grateful for Costco's jumbo pack of Kirkland tissues right now.

Farewell and good night my friends! (Yes It's only 4:11pm. But I'm sick, and sick people get to go to sleep whenever they want. So there! Real reason #10.) Until I blog again.


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