Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Later . . .

I've been wrestling with this post in my mind all week and all day. What inadequate thing could I possibly type up on my little blog here to show I care, and that I remember what happened ten years ago?

September 11th Memorial | 9-11-09
Image Credit: idovermani on flikr
Ten years ago, a horrendous terrorist attack took a piece of our country's cityscape and thousands of American lives with them. At the beginning of May this year, partial justice was served as our country finally assassinated Usama Bin Laden - the evil mastermind behind the attack.

While we celebrated that victory on May 2nd, today on the anniversary of September 11th, that small victory feels somewhat hollow to me as I think about the families who are missing a father, mother, sibling or child at their dinner table. It feels hollow as I think of the deep weeping fountains in the ground that are left now as a monument to the loss of those great towers and the people who once worked for their living there. It feels hollow when I think back to that morning of the attack and that whole day at school where I watched the news coverage cover the event. Where I saw the little grey bodies springing from the sides of the buildings billowing in smoke and flame over and over again. It feels hollow when I remember my peers who sobbed with worry over family and friends who lived in the affected areas.

That day, I lost a portion of my innocence in viewing people around the world. I saw evil.

In the face of the horror of that day (and the troubles of each day) however, there is still one who gives me hope - my Savior, Jesus Christ. Yes, evil men can strip us of our pride and even our lives, but they will not win in the end. Because of our Savior's sacrifice for us the pain of loss does not have to be permanent! He is my hope and my beacon. In His life and resurrection I have the peace of hope and faith in the future - not fear.

My prayers and deepest thoughts of sympathy are with those who are suffering today. May you find peace in your God. May we all find the drive to serve and love each other the way we saw so many do on that dark day. May we all find that place where hope resides in our hearts as we remember this momentous day in our lives.


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