Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding Weekend: Alright Flight, Family Feud, and the Newlyweds

The flight was (mostly) great! Though, I did accidentally steal Southwest's baggage pen when checking in at the Tucson airport . . . I blame it on nerves and lack of sleep preparing for the flight the night before. (Not to mention the 10 minute struggle I had getting my driver license out of my wallet.) But, with how things went, I shouldn't have been as nervous as I was. Lincoln was just about perfect. 
Ready for takeoff!

The first leg, all he did was sleep and for the 15 minutes he wasn't sleeping, he was flirting and charming everyone in the plane into "ohh's!" and "ahhh's!". My entry on the second flight was smooth. By then, I'd figured out how to juggle the babe, the diaper bag, car seat and stroller. When I gracefully unclicked the car seat and folded the stroller down at the gate without even slowing the line entering the plane, the young guy behind me said, "Woah! That's impressive!!" I said something corny about how you get good at juggling stuff as a mom as though I was always that smooth, though the truth was I was as surprised as he was! Ha! The second leg, Lincoln got a bit fussy and loud. But after a quick diaper change in the ridiculously cramped airplane bathroom. and a short wrestling match under the nursing cover, he fell asleep again, to my relief (and the relief of the lady with the nose ring and booty shorts sitting next to me.)

Lincoln loved looking at the scenery - the clouds were absolutely gorgeous, even if they did cause a little turbulence.
From the moment we arrived in Utah, Lincoln was loved on, played with, dressed up, snuggled, tickled, kissed, and passed from person to person to person - nonstop! He handled it very well. He's a people person for sure:
Wearing my little cousin Nash's glasses.
Dressing as a gangster.
Playing with Granny Shanks.
My Gran with Lincoln and me. :)
Dressing up as a cowboy - where was this hat when we were in Page?! Haha.
The family feud that wouldn't will never end.
Cuddling with Uncle Frosty.
Exploring the plant life with Grandpa Elsmore.
The night before Jeremy got married, we all went swimming in the hotel we were staying at in Logan. It was a blast. Lincoln really enjoyed it - even if he doesn't look so pleased in the picture below. Maybe he's peeved about Jeremy giving him bunny ears. ;)
Family swim. Lincoln ready to throw in the towel.
The rest of these pictures are from the actual wedding day. Jeremy and Heather were married in the Logan temple. The sealing was beautiful. The feeling of peace and happiness in the room was so strong. I'm excited for my big brother and his beautiful wife!
Jeremy and Heather coming out of the temple after their sealing.
The parents with the couple - laughing about having to all pose for an awkward kissing photo together.
Lincoln playing in the shade.
Love this picture of Lincoln with his Aunt Riley.
Lincoln with his Aunties.
One last pic of the newlyweds before we left the temple.
We enjoyed lunch at Cafe Rio before we headed to the reception. My mom discovered a new favorite pastime of Lincoln's - drinking cold water from a straw!
Lincoln with Aunt Sue, drinking water from a straw.
At the reception, we enjoyed spending time as a family.
My Granny Shanks with my Cousins Tressie, Dallas and his wife Becca.
Jeremy's good friend Rick from Reno took pictures of the whole event! He kept everyone smiling as he ran from location to location and stealthily snapped photos from inside the planters. We were glad he got to share the special day with us. Rick has always been an unofficial member of our family - we all see him like a brother of sorts.
Rick with the happy couple at the reception.
A picture with my big bro!
My mom's twin sister Jan and her kids with Heather and Jeremy.
Riley is so excited that she now has 3(!) sisters. She wanted a picture with her new sister:
"Sistas!" (as Riley likes to say.)
As you can see, they already get along great. :)
We especially had fun decorating the car during the reception festivities. The front window says, "We just did it!" - That is, get married of course! ;)
Heather and Jeremy attempting to fit into their very full car. Hehe.
Lincoln's picture below about sums up how we all felt by the end of the reception - and the weekend.


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