Thursday, August 18, 2011

Small Victories in the Daily Grind

You know, I really love being a stay-at-home mom. I love never missing a moment with my little guy. Moments of victory like these:

He got distracted by a little fuzz on the ground, but he did eventually get his ball. Here is the proof:

The only still shot (without flash) I could get of him - he's about ready for his nap.
 Lincoln has now developed a primal scoot-crawl! He is constantly doing push ups, and scooting around the house. It isn't too long before he will be racing around the house!! (Time for outlet covers . . .!) :)

Other things I love about SAHMotherhood? I love cooking our food, being the one to choose what we eat, having small pockets of time to blog/craft/sew, being able to (sometimes) catch a nap, being able to wear my pj's to work. Overall, I'd say I have it pretty. darn. good.

But there is one aspect of stay-at-home momdom that I do not love: the chores. While I enjoy basking in the glow of a clean room, I seriously struggle with the cleaning aspect. Especially when the crazy monsoon season decides to thwart my best efforts at saving us a little on our energy bill:
This was taken 20 seconds before the whole drying rack and camp chairs toppled on the ground.

Or, when I avoid doing the dishes for a whole week, but keep cooking like we're in charge of hosting a Thanksgiving feast:
This is just depressing! These dishes do not even include the jam-packed dishwasher (!!!!)
 I am grateful for my dad though, who's gift to Lincoln (the rad activity jumper he's playing in):
Look at that cheesy little face. "High Energy is my superpower" - yes it is! (Thanks for his cute shirt Carly!)
made this victory possible:
*Sigh/angels singing in the background* So much better. It will never look like that again!!! ;)
 What are your latest victories?


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