Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Little Faux Pas at the Cocktail Party

Do you see our little Faux Pas? (Hint: the 5 month old baby we brought to Squire's schwanky cocktail party.)
Just in case you were wondering, yes - my cheeks are still that red as I write this embarrassing blog post.
How did we miss it?! We are so naive! Neither Squire or I have ever been to a cocktail party. We didn't even realize that was what we were invited to. It was a "meet and greet" at the Dean of the medical school's home for all the new medical students and a guest*.

Squire would never go to a party on his own and Lincoln isn't quite ready to be left with a babysitter yet because of his aversion to bottles and his hit and miss feelings about rice cereal and bananas. So, Squire made a point to ask the secretary if we could bring our baby knowing it was either come with the baby or not at all. When he asked her whether or not that would be acceptable, she did say something about there being a lot of breakables in the house ". . . and if your baby is crawling . . . " "Oh, he doesn't crawl yet!" Squire said hopefully (Lincoln still couldn't at the time Squire was RSVPing). She said that since Lincoln didn't crawl, we would be ok to bring him.

I even made it a point this week to buy a more sturdy baby carrier - a used Scootababy off of this awesome website - for Lincoln. So that I could just buckle him up quick and easy. (We have a Moby that we've used around the house. It was nice for Lincoln as a newborn, but we needed something a little more supportive and easy to set up on the go.) I absolutely love the thing and Lincoln does too, but that is another post. Suffice it to say that I thought I was all smart, being prepared for this nice little gathering . . .

As we were preparing to leave, Squire mentioned it was "business casual" dress. As we were driving to the party he said there would be valet parking. It wasn't until we were on our way that I really made the connections - Oh crap! This is probably some really swanky party that kids should absolutely not be at!! "Should we just not go?" Squire wondered aloud. "Oh, we're already there. We've already RSVP'd. Let's just go and deal with it once we're there. It will be alright," I said.

And we did. It was the very schwanky party I suspected (too late!) it might be. When we came into the dean's home he greeted us very graciously. He said in a most kind and welcoming way, "Oh! We've never had a baby come to one of these before! You can use one of our rooms if you need to." "Thank you."

We went around and chatted pleasantly with everyone we could find, and even held our non-alcoholic (there was plenty of beer and wine) drinks in our left hands so as to keep our right hands warm when we shook them with professors, doctors, other students, and head honcho people of the med school. Lucky for us, Lincoln was pretty much perfect. He was even a good conversation starter a couple times. We only had one conversation where I really felt disapproval through the eyes of the woman we were speaking with. And when Lincoln's pacifier ended up in the pool, we knew it was time to make our exit. Lincoln was content until about 5 minutes before our departure.

One hour and seventeen minutes after our arrival, we walked out of the party and had one of the valet guys snap the above picture as a memento of the evening and as a reminder to never do that again. We now know better. Much better. I'm laughing, and shivering from the awkward embarrassment of it all, and mentally hitting myself over the head over and over again. Hey - at least we have a crazy experience in our back pocket to laugh at for the rest of our lives! And, I'm sure no one will forget our first big impression!!

* - The underlining and italicizing denote hints and signs that bringing our baby was not a good idea.

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