Friday, August 26, 2011

Letter to Grabby Grabber McGrabberson

Dear Grabby Grabber McGrabberson,
Done with the toys - on to the recyclables near the trash can.*
Come Hell or high-water, in my arms or on the go, your goal in life is clear: grab stuff. Lots of stuff. All stuff within reaching, crawling, bending or rolling distance, and without reaching, crawling, bending and rolling distance.

"Toys are great, but I've already inspected them," you say, "What of the computer wires near them? Or the electrical outlets? Or the diaper "poop sack"? Or your glasses? I need them. I want them. Gimme gimme gimme!"   
Banana, banana everywhere! But not a glob to eat.
You don't realize it, but I'm on to you. You startle in surprise and shock when I find you grabbing at some new thing. "You looking at me?!" you ask flabbergasted yet still smiling. Flashing that adorable right-cheeked dimple in my direction.
Distracted! "Can I back to the cool metal thing poking out from the wall now?"
It's ok. I understand. There's just a whole new world available to you now, isn't there? Now that you can get yourself to point A to B to C to D to E . . . Why limit yourself to the few bright colorful plastic things in front of you when there is so much more to be explored? So much that is new and good in the world - and crinkly, no less.
Dad's bag of shoe shining cotton balls in the back of the closet - all mine!
So little time, so many things to grab.
"Hmmm, this metal things makes an interesting sound when I grab it and bang it against the side of the piano!"
Well, though it may cause/require some more hair loss on my part (you know, the whole grabby thing), some heightened worry for your safety, and some serious energy to keep up with you - I will follow you on your journey, Grabby Grabber McGrabberson. Wherever you may go, wherever fancy takes you. And I will let you explore - your safety permitting, of course.
Keeping my composure for a moment - before I grab for mom's camera-phone. (My favorite!)
Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet "grabby" son of mine! My life is better since you made your appearance in my life 6 months ago. And just so we're clear on this: you grab at my heartstrings most of all.



(*These are all shots from my camera-phone this past week. I thought I would include all of them in their blurry glory/candidness - rather than none of them! :)
 Oh, and yes - I am posting this at 2:30 AM - when else?! Haha. Oh motherhood.)


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