Monday, August 15, 2011

I Repeat: DO NOT Feed The Baby

The sign I should make for Lincoln to wear at busy functions.
At my brother's open house in Reno this last weekend, I had to jump to stop several people from feeding Lincoln things I'd rather he didn't (and really shouldn't) eat. Lincoln is very interested in food. He is constantly gawking at Squire and I and everyone around him who is eating. So, I understand the inclination people feel to feed him.

But seriously people, just because he "wants" your candy or ice cream doesn't mean you should give it to him! Especially not without asking me first - you know, his mom. The one responsible for his care. The one who would have to deal with him getting botulism, kidney damage, or food allergies. We've chosen to take the slower route with feeding Lincoln because it's what we feel best about. And, he is thriving! (If you don't believe me, just take a peek at the boy's thighs.) He really doesn't need whatever you feel inclined to put in his mouth. And while it is getting to be about that time where we will be exploring more new food items, I'd rather it was done slowly and by my hand, so I can really be aware of any allergies he might have. Capiche? Capiche.


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