Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feelin' Flighty: I Need Your Advice

My brother is getting married this weekend! Woohoo! I am so excited I'll be in Utah to celebrate this momentous occasion with him. I'll be getting a sweet sister-in-law and plenty of family time. What's not to love?
Heather and Jeremy's comic book style wedding invite cover - awesome right?
I'll tell you what: the actual getting there. I'll be flying, with a stop in Las Vegas (the worst airport ever) with my 5 month old - by myself. Squire won't be coming because he can't miss out on any schooling or his "White Coat" ceremony - more on that later.

Image Credit. A nice quiet ride, or heck with a seat belt? Only time will tell.
I'm afraid Lincoln will scream the whole time with the change in air pressure at take off and landing. Or that he'll rip off my nursing cover and expose my breast to all my neighbors and the flight attendants and any other innocent bystanders looking at the wrong moment. Not to mention the worry that I won't be able to juggle all my stuff and his. Or the dread of ending up next to some crotchety old lady with a, "I could do it better but I'm not going to help you" glare as my baby crys and projectile spits up on her and everyone else in his splash zone.

All you experienced moms out there - what tips can you give a girl in my predicament? How does a girl (attempt? to) make air travel alone with a young child/baby comfortable for everyone involved?


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