Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bugly: Our Mythical Pet

OK, so maybe not mythical in this sense:
Unicorn - Full Speed
Image Credit: Rob Boudon on flikr
But, in the Urban Legend/Myth sense - definitely.

We found this creepy guy on our wall when we got home from the grocery store a few hours ago:

Meet: "Bugly"
Have you ever seen a Camel spider before? They are freaky looking bugs! He kind of has the body of a cricket, eight legs, two long feeler arms, only two eyes, and some fatty pincers. He is quite aggressive in his movement. So much so that Squire just said, "Man, he would come and kill me right now if he could!" Haha. (I laugh but by the way that thing moves, I think he's right.) Squire found out what it was by looking up: "half cricket half spider" on the internet. Do you ever try to look up new bugs/plants/animals on the internet when you encounter them? There has certainly been no shortage of (new) bug life for us here in Tucson!

Backside view.
 The best part of all of this? Squire has decided that he wants to keep it as a pet in a jar:

Showin' Bugly who's boss.
I just hope Bugly doesn't get out again. I certainly wouldn't want to be hosting any Camel spider battles in my home . . .

I think it's time to get our house sprayed.


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