Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where's Waldo?: Hepworth Home Edition

"Hello, everyone! It's Waldo here. I'm just sportin' a couple new colors - you like 'em? As you take the tour of my new house, I challenge you to just try and find me! I'm in every picture. Good luck!"
Waldo, ready to hide.
The outside of the house. FYI: we took these photos around 7:30pm but it looks much later. (There's no daylight savings in Arizona, and the area where we live doesn't have street lamps.) Those are two things we really enjoy about living in Tucson. Going to bed at a decent hour and waking with the sun is very easy to do here.

Walking up to the front door - oh and yes, the big tree in our front yard is dead. Just in case anyone was wondering from the other photo of the front of our home. Haha. We needed some brown in our landscaping for the full Tucson experience. ;)

The front entryway. 

Coat closet on the left, guest bath in the center, guest bedroom on the right.

A closer look at the guest bathroom. Lacking a shower curtain and rug, but we'll get there eventually. :)

The guest bedroom/sewing room/library. Don't all jump up to make reservations at once! ;) Until we get some furniture, this room will be designated as the junk boxes-of-our-wonderful-things room. But, we're working to change that.

Leaving the guest bedroom. Seeing the main hallway and the garage door.

But, we're stepping in to see Lincoln's room first. No log cabin decorations are up yet. Those among about 500 other projects are still in the works.

 Lincoln's really been enjoying his crib! We have decided to start having him sleep in his crib at night instead of in his co-sleeper near us and he has been doing pretty well with the transition. He now naps longer during the day. Though he usually ends up in be with us around 4am, I think he's been sleeping more comfortably on the crib mattress than he did the co-sleeper.

 The garage. Beastly-er on the left, Weasly (the jeep) straight ahead, but wait - where's Waldo?

 Heading back into the house from the garage.
 The living room. See those "new" stained armchairs? I'm really excited about them. We bought them from Tucson's D.I. for $10 each. My mom is an AMAZING seamstress. She has a gift akin to the Midas touch, except hers turns any fabric item into beautiful draperies, table runners, dresses, vests, baby bow ties - you name it. I will be spending some time with my family in Reno the week after my brother gets married, and we will be working together to make slipcovers for those armchairs. I can't wait to make them - and to pass along my new found knowledge to any/all of you who may be interested in giving your furniture a facelift.

The kitchen. Do you see the dishwasher?! I'd hate to sound like someone from this website and suggest that anybody needs a dishwasher to live. But, is it ok if I say that I really enjoy having one - a lot? 

 A closer up kind of blurry picture of the kitchen space. The box in the left corner is filled with decorations we have yet to hang/place/display. 

 The dining space and sliding glass door to the backyard. Haha. I can't help but think of Bruegel's Landscape with the Fall of Icarus when I look at this photo.

A fuzzy picture from our back porch. Our plant, resurrecting itself from the dead. We have a great view of the sunrise each morning.

Heading back inside now. The main hallway on the left, and the hallway leading to our bedroom on the right. You are seeing the laundry closet doors there. Like how our computer is set up on the fish tank table? Hehe. We are working on an exciting project to take care of that nuisance. More on that when it's actually done.

 The linen closet.
 The laundry closet. The washer and dryer came with the place. They seriously rock at getting Lincoln's cloth dipes clean. I kind of get excited to do laundry now.

 The master bedroom.

 The master bedroom again. The master bath to the right. Waldo is apparently getting tired of being really sneaky for the photos.

 The master bathroom. Ta da! There you have it - our new house! We love having our own place. 

"Hey - you found me! Hope you had as much fun finding me as I did hiding!"


  1. That was such a cute and clever way of showing your new place! My favorite was Lincoln in the last bathroom picture (second from last, I think). What a cute place to live and a huge improvement from Provo dwelling.

  2. Cute house Jami. I can't wait to find Waldo in my bed in a couple weeks.

  3. What a great looking place! Are you guys renting it or did you buy it? I'm jealous either way! Enjoy it and your "Waldo."

  4. @ Lindsey: Thank you! And it is most definitely a huge improvement from Provo dwelling - although our first little basement apartment will always have a special place in our hearts. :)

    @ Judy (Mom): We are so excited to visit you too!

    @ Katelyn: Thank you! We are just renting. (Funny, you can't really buy a home without some real income...Ha!) ;)

  5. I love how you can see his little hat poking out :)

  6. Jami your house is so cute! I love it. I'm inspired to put up pictures of our place now. Soon...=)

  7. @ Carly: I can't wait to see the pics of your place! :)



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