Friday, July 8, 2011

Road Trip to Our Next 4 Years

We are finally in our new little home and though we aren't completely unpacked yet, we have internet. So, I'm taking a few minutes to break away from the literal unpacking of all the boxes that are scattered in every room, to do some mental unpacking. Here are some of the highlights from our road trip!

Around 3am the night before we were supposed to pack up and leave Provo, Squire got the flu bug. I woke up to unpleasant sounds echoing in the bathroom that morning. I was able to care for Squire and Lincoln for a few hours before I also got sick. It was a miserable, unproductive day that didn't involve much moving at all. 
The next day our fevers and flus had subsided. We felt a bit weak, but were able to pack up our things with Squire's dad's help and we were off! Though, I was still tired and Lincoln didn't very much like being in his car seat or my rendition of the If You're Happy and You Know It song ("If you're happy and you know it scream and cry!") - actually come to think of it, with all his screaming and crying in the back, he must have just been really happy! ;)

I was very relieved and pleased that there was a rest stop for us in Southern Utah - Birch. Squire's grandparents own some land with a trailer with running water and a fire pit. The land is beautiful and remote. It was wonderful to be able to stay there one night with Lincoln - and not just because of the difficult first leg of the trip. We actually spent a few nights of our honeymoon there, so Birch is particularly special to us. We saw so many bright stars in the sky that we almost couldn't find the big dipper. Lincoln enjoyed gawking at the stars with us. Here he was that next morning:
Lincoln's first visit to Birch.
I thought this was a fun family treasure at Birch. Squire's younger brother Trace made this:
Can you guess which one of these is Squire's personal brand? :)
Enjoying the morning and breakfast at Birch.
After our stay at Birch, we traveled to Page. We spent a couple days in Page visiting Squire's dad, grandparents, brother Trace and girlfriend DeeRay.
Lincoln playing with Uncle Trace.
We really enjoyed our time visiting Squire's family. Though, we did part with one close friend during our stay - Sunny - Squire's Plymouth Sundance. We sold him to help with moving costs. He was a good little car, and we will miss him. Here are a couple pictures to remember him by:
Sunny's last ride with Squire - ready to leave Birch.
We'll miss you Sunny!!
Our trip to Tucson from Page went relatively smoothly - though it was 115 degrees in Phoenix and 111 degrees in Tucson. (Yikes!!) We arrived in Tucson late Tuesday evening. Wednesday, we got an early start at 4:30am and house-hunted all day. We even signed a lease that same day, but couldn't move in for a whole week. We stayed another night in a local hotel. Lucky for us, the Bishop of our new ward found a nice family for us to stay with until we were able to move in - seeing as how we don't really know anyone in the area and were nervous about affording the cost of hotels for an additional week. The family who let us stay with them for the week graciously fed us, let us celebrate Independence Day with them, and even helped us move all our stuff into our home when Squire's dad and Uncle Tony arrived with the trailer. We are glad to have made a couple really good new friends! :) I'm sure you'll be hearing more about them in the future.

As I mentioned before, Squire's dad and uncle Tony brought our things down to Tucson for us. They helped us move in and stayed with us for one night - our very first visitors! :) We enjoyed their company and were very grateful for their help, (as well as several other ward members' help!) Here was our best pathetic attempt at getting us all in a picture together - sorry we couldn't include your left ear or cheekbone, Tony: 
Squire, Me, Papa Hepworth and Uncle Tony.
Lincoln was unavailable for the group photo:

The heat is hot here. But, Monsoon season makes it bearable (if you like humidity . . .) and even a bit thrilling at times. Here's one photo from our second day in Tucson:

Yesterday evening, we sat in our camp chairs on our covered porch to watch the storm (Squire was being a dork):

First family photo in Tucson.
Here's one shot of what we saw from our back porch:

Lincoln watched the storm quietly for a few minutes, but he preferred chewing on Squire's thumb and standing with assistance to sitting in our laps.

Many more posts to come! :)


  1. Yay! A post! Lincoln looks like he is 12 in that first picture :) Looking forward to seeing pics of your new house. Miss you guys!

  2. Jen: We miss you too! We finally got some pictures up of our house. :)



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