Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Couch That Lived

Dear friends and family who have visited our home,

If you ever felt like you were sitting on the floor when you were sitting on this couch - it's because you were.  Our so-ugly-its-cute couch is at least 40 years old. And I guess you'd expect a sofa's life to be dwindling after so many years. But I'm convinced the power of love is what will keep this old thing going for at least another ten. :)

With his last couple of days of freedom before medical school starts, Squire has been quite the handy/fix-it man around our house. He decided to make our couch a little more stable with the addition of some new wooden supports:

See how bowed the old wood was?
I contributed by re-stapling the fabric over the bottom.
It is a little difficult to tell, but let's compare these two photos. The photo with me is the before pic, the picture with the boys is the after pic. See how the cushions are more level? See the steep angle from my knees to my bottom while sitting? Sitting/sleeping in/on this couch used to be akin to being the kid in the middle of the trampoline at the sleepover. Our couch is much more comfortable to sit on now. Probably more comfortable to sleep on too. Kudos to the handsome handyman in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt. ;)

Anyone want to come visit and sit on our couch and chat with us?! 

We miss you Provo friends. . .


  1. Love your tagline "Rekindling old-fashioned values in a modern world." Getting another 10 years out of your old sofa is one example of that!

  2. Thanks, Jean! I appreciate you stopping by my site - and commenting even! ;) I'm glad I stumbled on your food blog:, through Boobnazi's post. Everything on your site looks like my kind of food. I'm excited to try some of your recipes for myself! :)



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