Thursday, July 14, 2011

Accidental Creations: Tucson "Chocolate Chip" Cookies (and More)

No, there's no substitute for mom. ;) But, do you remember this recent post where I actually suggested substituting ingredients on purpose every now and then - just to expand your food repertoire and baking knowledge? Here are a few of my most recent food substitution adventures:

Tucson "Chocolate Chip" Cookies

I've affectionately tacked these chocolate cookies with the "Tucson" label simply because they were supposed to be chocolate chip. But, with the heat of the move my bag of chocolate chips became a hard block. Upon trying to chop them into chunks, they just melted into a melty chocolate blob. So rather than waste the delicious semi-sweet chocolate, I just dropped a huge soft gob in with my cookie dough and mixed it in. The cookies were delicious. I'll be making them again - but next time on purpose. You can substitute 3/4 cup melted chocolate for 1 cup chocolate chips in your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough recipe to achieve the same effect.

The last one - you're lucky I had the self-control to take this picture! ;)
Banana Brownies (?)

Next up: my failure. With no eggs around and a craving for boxed brownies, I searched around the web to see if I had anything that I could use as a substitute. This website suggested an ingredient I did have: a banana. Turns out though, bananas are not very good emulsifiers. I enjoyed the flavor of the chocolate and banana together, but the texture was like chewy fudge goop. Yeah, not exactly what I was going for. Maybe this new concoction could be revamped to be a banana-fudge-icing of sorts? For now I'll just be classifying it as a fail. I just thought I'd let you know about this not-good substitution in case you were considering it yourself . . .

These were even cooked for an additional 15 minutes more than the recommended time.
Olive Oil Brushed Cuban Bread

Let's end on a good note. Below is a photo of my Cuban bread. (The recipe for this bread is the first one in this post.) Probably one of my favorite bread recipes. I didn't have any butter to brush on top this time around though, so instead I brushed the top with olive oil that I seasoned with a little sea salt. Wow. Delicious!! I'll definitely be trying different variations on the seasoned olive oil thing in the near future. This substitution was a winner for sure:

Yummy Cuban bread, brushed with olive oil and sea salt.

What are some of your most recent food substitutions successes and/or failures?


  1. I think applesauce works better than a banana.
    I use plain yogurt instead of mayo on my sandwich and in cooking because I don't like the taste of mayo. But I do like a moist sandwich.

  2. Hmmm. I'll have to try that one next time I'm out of eggs. Plain yogurt sounds interesting. I bet it gives a bit more zing too huh?



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