Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Work in Progress: Pictures of Bubbaloo

I recently read this article on how to capture good pictures of your baby. It has made me think more about the photography I publish on this blog. I've got so much to learn, but I want to improve - even if only with my little point and shoot. (My recent smoothie photo was pretty decent was it not?!) ;) Here are some photos of Lincoln (a.k.a. Bubbaloo) that I shot this morning.
Big foot. ;)
The drooler. (A bit fuzzy, but a cute one of my baby's double-chin nonetheless.)
The thumb-sucker/gnawer. ( I actually like the movement of this picture.)
The captive observer.
The entertainer.
"Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!" (A whirl of color, movement, and light - I kind of like it.)
The charmer.

What are some of your favorite photography tricks of the trade? (That don't involve going out and buying a new camera . . .)


  1. good lighting is key to getting a good picture.

  2. Don't use a flash!

    check out this site

  3. Thanks for the tips Aimee and Jenni! That site is awesome! I'll definitely be doing some more poking around on it. . .



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