Monday, June 6, 2011

Under Construction: The Blog and Your Garage (?!)

So, you may have noticed some changes to the site? I am busy working to make it more user friendly! In addition to new tabs, we've changed our blog name from "The Hepworth Family Blog" to "A Bit Backward . . ." You can still access our site from, but you can now access it from as well!

Near-future developments:
  • Our very own blog button! Which YOU can copy and paste onto your blogs/websites . . . if you feel so inclined! ;) 
  • I'm also planning to add some sort of food/recipe tab at the top of the site with pictures and easy access to all the recipes and food-related posts on the site. Just in case you ever feel like eating whatever I'm eating for breakfast, too. 
    My current breakfast kick: plain cheerios, fresh blueberries and a banana.
    Other construction you may (hopefully?) be interested in: These overhead garage shelves. Squire is building them to make us a buck or two before we make the move to Tucson. They are pretty, strong, sturdy, pretty mighty strong and sturdy, AND create more storage for you in normally dead space - your garage ceiling. If you live in the area and are interested (or know someone who would be interested), please contact us and/or pass the word along! We'd love it if you'd help us help you help us out!
Click to see the KSL ad.
   More posts in the works! :)

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