Saturday, June 18, 2011

Riley: Dancing Through Life

I want to be like my little sister Riley when I grow up.

When Riley was in elementary school, she really wanted to learn how to jump rope with the other girls in the jump rope club. So, determined to learn and to join the club she got out her jump rope and practiced - every day . . . for nine months.  It wasn't until she'd practiced jumping rope for nine whole months that she finally jumped over the rope for the very first time. She can now jump rope forwards, backwards, and with cross-crosses and other tricks. Riley has Down's Syndrome, so she has to work extra hard for most every thing she accomplishes. Though there are some things Riley doesn't seem to have to work for at all - the things that matter most.

Riley is kind and she is genuine. She has a way of telling you she loves you, and hugging you, and looking you in the eyes. She knows your soul. And when she sees you - she loves you for every speck of good that was ever in your heart and she makes you want to have more good in your heart just so she can see it and love you more.

You know why else I want to be like her? Because when you are sharing a special moment with Riley, not unlike the ones in this video:

She says with unparalleled enthusiasm, "This is my life!" She both recognizes the special moments that make life worth living and creates them - every day. Riley loves living her life everyday. And, I love her for it.

Just having dancing skills like Riley would be reason enough to want to be like her. I mean, who wouldn't want to have moves like these?

The above video was Riley performing at her school talent show this past year.

The second video was of Riley waking up on her 10th birthday - exactly three years ago.

Riley visiting the week after Lincoln was born.
That's right - TODAY is Riley's 13th birthday!!!

I can't believe my little sister has graduated to "teendom". What a beautiful young woman she has become. 

Happy Birthday, Rie Rie. I love you. Thank you for who you are, how you love, and who you make me want to be. You are a blessing to everyone you come in contact with.


  1. Nice to meet you! Your family (and your sister!) are adorable. We've definitely been forever changed for the better for having Miss B in our lives. I'm so glad to hear you feel the same way about your sister!

    P.S. that "moments that matter most" video is one of my faves...I had to speak in a sacrament meeting a few weeks ago and didn't know what to talk about, but after I saw that video, I knew I had to talk about slowing down and focusing on what is important. I always need that reminder, which is probably reason #6896784 why Miss B is in my life! :)



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