Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Time in Provo is Sliding Away

Yesterday, we braved the sun for an enjoyable outing at Veterans Memorial Pool
Family pic - sorry I couldn't crop the picture a bit more. . . Hehe.
Here's Lincoln, sportin' his swim trunks from my cousin Carly:
Our flirtatious little son.
Lincoln was neither fond of, nor upset with the excessive splashing/spraying in the kiddie play pool. However, he loved kicking around with us in the shallow end of the big people pool. Squire and I took a few turns each going down the water slides while the other played with Lincoln.

We really enjoyed our couple of hours in the park. It was definitely bittersweet though. Especially seeing the "Y" on Y Mountain - seeing that "Y" just makes me feel safe and at home.

For the last 5 years, Provo has been home to us. While I feel so ready to move on to a new phase in some ways, it's also so difficult to leave the familiar faces, and scenery. Will Tucson feel like home eventually too?

One of the last photos of Lincoln in Provo - Can you spot the "Y"?

Right now, we feel a little caught in between places. We're excited for a new adventure, but nervous at the same time. All we know is - you've only got us for a few more days, Utah!!

Lincoln's face here about sums it up:
Half-smiling, Half-ready to cry = I had a good time, but it's time to go - NOW. :)


  1. I love seeing him wearing the stuff I sent. I'm glad he is getting good use out of them. He looks so much like you to me. You guys will do great in Arizona but I do understand and hope you love your new home as much you loved the last.

  2. Thanks Carly. Every time I dress Lincoln in one of Logan's outfits I think of you and I am grateful. It has been so helpful to us. And, he is definitely looking more like me than I thought he would! It's fun. :)



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