Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lincoln and Davis: 3 Month Reunion

Remember my Costco friend Jen? She came over with little Davis for a visit yesterday. We had a nice time talking and even more fun looking and comparing our growing baby boys.
Mammas and babies - You can see the stunning results of my "Husband Ready" routine. Ha! ;)

Here is a picture of the two from their last visit together. . .
The last visit. . .

And this one. . .
What a world of difference three months makes! Lincoln has gotten long and almost lanky. Davis has filled out quite a bit! His hair is blonder and he is definitely a talker. And just in case you were wondering, no, we didn't plan for them to be wearing matching orange gDiapers, but it's pretty darn cute that they both were - isn't it? :)

Flash attack!
Leg wrestling.
Lincoln is jealous of Davis in the hair department. Haha. :)
Baby bums.
While Davis has passed Lincoln up in the chub arena, Lincoln is still winning in the foot department!
Look at that chub!
Top: Davis' foot Bottom: Lincoln's foot
Playin' footsies
Pretty Jen.
Watch out world - here they come!

It's too bad we can't pack up Jen and Davis and bring them to Tucson with us. . .

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