Saturday, June 4, 2011

Husband-Haircutting Wisdom

Never, Never, Never - I repeat - NEVER trust the ear guards. Even when you use them on the ear they were intended for . . . they never really work out. UNLESS of course, the bald semi-circle patch around the ear was the look you were going for in the first place (or if your husband really ticked you off that day), then by all means get those babies fired up and clippin'!
Squire's first haircut from me - September 2008. Yikes!
Snipping away carelessly with the scissors can create the same effect . . . So, be wary or take note - whichever applies to your situation.
The other side of that first haircut.
 Even if for good reason, don't laugh while you are cutting. It'll make him nervous and possibly cause him to jump up early to inspect your work before you can style his hair to cover your "tracks".
Sooo sad . . .
Ooops! Don't know how that one got in there. Hehe. ;)
 Cutting up too high on the neck  makes a head look small, a neck look wide and a man look dorky.

Article on choosing the right neckline shape.
Suggestions of talking points while cutting: the weather, all the money you are saving the family by cutting his hair, the silly and cute things the baby did that day, how handsome you think he looks in a baseball cap beanie. . .

But above all, remember: there isn't a mistake you can make that a close head shave and a couple weeks of growing time can't cure. ;)

Here are some real tips. I really need to study these after Squire's last haircut. You'd think a wife would learn after almost three years! Maybe in another ten when we have a real income, we'll be able to afford to pay a professional to do it . . .because it doesn't seem my skills have improved too much in the three I've been clippin'.

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