Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Mole Day!!

Back when I was in high school, we celebrated "Mole Day" on October 23rd by arriving at the school @ 6:02am. (Mole Day is also celebrated by chemistry enthusiasts around the world on June 2nd at 10:23am - which is why I'm posting this today.)

My high school chemistry teacher, "Greenie", as we all affectionately called her (and still do), took on the enormous task of organizing the beast of an event each year. We would take guesses at how many moles of candy were in jars, play mole bingo, make a mole (animal) sculpture out of a mole (unit) of aluminum foil. We even ate "cinnamoles" (cinnamon rolls) for breakfast. And to think we got extra credit for all that fun and learning! Those of us who were experienced in chemistry, returned as a mole buddy - or assistant - to a novice chemistry student. As a mole buddy, you got to wear a coveted mole crown (a burger king crown with a "Happy Mole Day!" sticker on the front). It was nerdy and crazy and we all loved it. The anthem of the chemistry-crazed morning was the song I've posted below. It still pops into my head every now and then. . . (You can start the song at 29 seconds.)

So, here's to those memories. Happy Mole Day, everyone! Especially you, Mrs.Greenhalgh. :)

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