Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A First Time Sushi-Goer's Review: Sakura in Orem

Prettied up for our big celebratory dinner!
So, as you all know now - Squire got into medical school. Yay!!! We decided many moons ago that on the eve of receiving an acceptance we would go to Sushi to celebrate. And yesterday, we finally got the green light.

We decided to try Sakura after the facebook suggestion battle had subsided - thank you for all the suggestions friends!
 But, I have to admit that while I was excited at the prospect of trying something new and fashionable, I wasn't so excited about the prospect of potentially trying and buying a slimy yucky meal with a big handful of our hard earned dollars!  

When we arrived at the restaurant, the words at the top of the menu only served to fan my nervous flame:

"No share, No coupons, Finish with rice, Limited 2 items per person at a time, Charge original price for leftovers." (I just can't help but think of this being spoken in a halted Japanese accent.)

"What if it's gross?! And I have to force myself to eat it all?! Or pay them extra for it if I can't!" I thought out loud. 

 Squire just smiled in my anxious anticipation and whispered slyly, "It will be alright. I'll sneak and finish your food for you if you really don't like it."

But once the food arrived in a beautiful presentation on the square white plate and I tried my first bite, my sick anticipation became delight, 

"Wow! This is really good!" I said with my mouth half-stuffed with a Geisha Roll. 

And it was! I'm so relieved that my first time to Sushi was a hit. I only regret we don't have the money to go out more often - just give us another 10 years! Ha! :)

Sorry, no pictures of our food, but here's a pic and review of some sushi from Sakura that someone else posted online  - we tried the one pictured in the center - Futomaki.

 Here's what we ordered and my two-cents on them all (and yes, I got to try them all - the no sharing edict wasn't as strictly enforced as the menu lent me to think):

Geisha Roll (Deep-fried salmon and cream cheese wrapped in roll, eel sauce, and spicy mayo): My Favorite! This was amazing. Loved the texture with the surprise crunch of the deep-fried salmon in the center of each piece.

Bananza Roll (Banana, cream cheese, Hawaiian sauce, deep fried in tempura): Dessert-like and delicious. I would definitely get this one again.

Crystal Shrimp (Seep fried crunchy shrimp roll with eel sauce): I liked this one, but I wasn't crazy about it like some of the others. I wished it was a bit more crunchy than soft.

Futomaki (Chef's favorite): Squire's favorite - and my second favorite. Don't really know what was in it, but this is a must get every time!!

Firecracker (Crab, avacado, cream cheese, deep fried with eel sauce and sakura sauce): Poof! Not the BOOM! I'd hoped. It was good, but definitely the blandest thing we tried.

Hawaiian Roll (Coconut shrimp and cream cheese topped with mango, avacado, and Hawaiian sauce): Also very good. The Hawaiian sauce is a winner for sure.

Tempura Ice Cream (vanilla ice cream deep fried in tempura with whipped cream and chocolate syrup): This was yummy. Not as good as it's Mexican counterpart (p.s. The best fried ice cream in Provo is at Los Hermanos - get the caramel, not the chocolate topping), but a good end to a delicious and very filling meal.

All-in-all I felt like our money was well-spent for an extra special evening. I'd definitely go again for lunch and save a few bucks, seeing as my favorites are available for both lunch and dinner. Hope this was helpful for those of you considering braving sushi yourself! :)


  1. They should really reword the "no sharing edict" as you put it, because it really is confusing and puts people on edge unnecessarily.

    In fact, they don't care whether people share their meals in general.

    That rule specifically refers to their request that if one person orders an all-you-can-eat meal, that they not share with someone who did not get the all-you-can-eat. (they don't moochers at the table eating off of the plate of the person who did order AYCE.)

    So, if both of you get the all-you-can-eat, then it wouldn't matter if you share your meal. It's just a matter of making sure they aren't swindled.

    And, as for the no left-overs rule - that also only applies to the AYCE. They don't want people to order more a dozen rolls and then only eat three of them, or something ridiculous.

    If you're ordering one or two rolls and paying per each, they could care less whether or not you finish.

    AND even when I have ordered the AYCE, they have never given me a hard time about not finishing a roll.

    I'm glad you guys were so adventurous and even liked the meal, and even gladder than Squire got into a great school!

    Happy days!

  2. Thank you, Ruthy! And thanks for your clarifying comment about the AYCE guidelines and how they actually apply. That's important information for a newbie to have! Though, I won't be so intimidated next time. Sushi is yummy. :)



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