Saturday, June 18, 2011

FHE Activity: Pioneer Village in Provo

What is FHE you may be wondering? It stands for Family Home Evening. Our church encourages us to set aside one night a week, (usually Mondays) were we spend time as a family to come closer to each other and to God. While we are not perfect about doing it every week, it is something we try to do nonetheless. 

This past Monday, we did have a chance to go to Pioneer village for an FHE activity. If you live in the area we wholeheartedly recommend it! It's free, (though you can donate to help preserve the village if you wish.) AND, there are even nice pioneer ladies who will hold your baby for you while you attempt to play pioneer games:
Me, looking and feeling very awkward on stilts - and these were supposedly the easier ones. . .
Some of my personal thoughts after the visit?
  • Because of the advent of electricity, we work, live, and play when we really should be sleeping.
  • Technology has made our lives ridiculously convenient and left us completely oblivious as to how things really work.
  • I have a lot of stuff. Probably too much. Pioneer homes were small - they probably could have used a little bit more.
  • From seeing some actual millstones, I have a new appreciation (and fluttering in my stomach) when I think of this scripture: Matthew 18:6.
  • If I had to go be a Pioneer in olden days, with only my current life experience - I think I would die. Literally. 
Thank Heaven for the Pioneers and their great sacrifices! They were awesome*.

*In this case, "awesome" is simultaneously a colloquial understatement/compliment and a sincere reference to the Pioneer's divine accomplishments. I meant to refer to the second.

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