Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BabyKicks vs. gCloth Diaper Inserts

***UPDATE June 2013: See THIS latest post on cloth diapering. My opinion on inserts has reversed! I much prefer my Joey-bunz to my gCloth inserts, now that I have a few more years experience under my belt. The gCloth are no where near absorbent enough!***

Today, I thought I'd take the time to answer the questions from my last post on cloth diapering.

My friend Heather asked:

"One question, what is your favorite insert?"

In the cloth diapering post I wrote about my stash, I mentioned that my insert stash was mostly comprised of BabyKicks Joey Bunz Hemparoos with some micro fleece fabric cutouts, BUT that I also had one pack of gCloth inserts, too. Now that I've had enough time to get to know them both, here's my assessment:

BabyKicks vs. gCloth
Advantages of BabyKicks (compared to gCloth):
  • More absorbent.
  • Slightly less leakage.
Advantages of gCloth (compared to BabyKicks):
  •  A bit cheaper. Size medium on $4.25 vs. $4.85 per liner.
  • Softer. Even when line drying (which makes the BabyKicks inserts hard and scratchy - have to machine dry for a while to soften them up again.)
  • Dry in about half the time.
  • More convenient to stuff in nylon liner because you don't have two parts (the insert and the micro-fleece cutout) - it's all already sewn together for you.
  • More lightweight.
  • Thickness.
  • Durability - how long will they last? So far they seem about the same. If I had to place a bet, I think I'd guess the BabyKicks, but I really don't know.
My final assessment?

I really like my gCloth inserts, but I don't think I would be ready to throw my BabyKicks under the bus either. I think the ideal stash would be comprised of about 3/4 gCloth and a 1/4 BabyKicks. The BabyKicks are nice to use as a doubler at nighttime because they are a bit more absorbent. But, the gCloth are nicer for daytime use and in my diaper bag.

I hope that helps!

Oh, and to answer one more question that popped up in the comment section . . .

My dear Husband wanted to know:

"Do they sale the G diapers in adult size?"

Babe (no pun intended), I took a look at gDiapers' website. It appears they have just come out with a new size - XL! It is marked as being able to accommodate 34lbs.+ Though there isn't a specific limit prescribed, I doubt they'll be fitting your 200lb. 6'2'' frame anytime soon. Maybe you should check out these instead? Hehe. ;)

Oh, and just because I can, I'm going to attempt to redeem myself with a picture of my cloth diaper basket they way it should be organized:

MUCH better. ;)
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  1. Love the new blog look! I must have a mighty drinker because the gCloth was waaay to thin for us. He'd pee through them in under an hour. They do dry much faster than the Joey Bunz though. My Joey Bunz, on the other hand dry eons faster than my GroVia inserts.

  2. @ Amy: Thanks for sharing: the compliment and your experience! It's always good to hear a variety of product reviews. Your comment is a good reminder (especially for those looking into cloth diapering) that what works for one baby, may not work for another!

  3. I want to know what Squire thinks of cloth diapering. So I can convince my husband because the more I read your post on it the more I want to do it.

  4. Nichole - Squire will write a post soon. :)

  5. Late to the party, but must say THANK YOU for your very in-depth multi-part review of cloth diapering. I have already gotten my starter gdiaper stash (we were gifted the newborn starter kit) and I am excited to try them out in May/June when the kiddo arrives. Even more so now after your review AND the Squire's post which is how my husband found your blog.

    PS---Nice blog. I'll hang around :)



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