Sunday, May 8, 2011

Two Mothers, Two Memories

A memory from each of us - of time spent with our mothers - in their honor.

Squire with his mom at our wedding reception.
Squire's memory:
Often in the Summer months, Squire's mom would load him, his brothers, and his cousins into the back of the old red pickup truck and drive up by the Lake Hills Cemetery where her father was buried. There was a pond at the base of the hill where the young rambunctious boys would all go "polly-wogging". She spent time crying and talking with her father at his grave as the boys spent the hours trapping prepubescent frogs, and splashing in the pond. As the days came to a close they would climb back up the hill to their mom (who was also affectionately know as Aunt Bethy to her nephews). Each would proudly display his catches and she would perform the delicate task of judging who had caught the biggest one. They would laugh and laugh on the way back home as the water sloshed around the buckets and onto the pickup floor with her boisterous driving over bumpy roads and railroad tracks.
This is one of our engagement photos - you can see the old red pickup.

Me with my mom at my cousin's wedding reception.
 My memory:
As far back as I have tangible memories, I remember snuggling next to my mother on the piano bench and singing to her accompaniment. At Christmastime, we sang Christmas songs. At all other times of the year we sang from the Reader's Digest Children's Songbook, the Children's songbook, among other popular music. I felt goosebumps as our voices blended in rich harmony as she sang the alto line to support my young soprano voice. Billey Joel's, Piano Man, was one of her favorite songs and so became one of mine too. And, though I didn't understand everything Billy said in that song I did understand at some level - because the music we shared at the bench of our little brown Schimmel was healing and comforting and thrilling just like Billy's was to the people in the bar.

We are both grateful for our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and for all the women who have influenced us with their "mother hearts." We hope you all have enjoyed this Mother's day as much as we have. It has been a very special one for me. :)

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