Monday, May 2, 2011

"Obama is dead."

Well, that's what the text message we got around 9:15pm last night said anyways. We have been busy moving into my friend's place this weekend and not watching news or surfing the internet. So, we were shocked! What a terrible disaster for the President of the United States to have been murdered! Heck, I didn't vote for the guy (no, I am not a racist - I believe everyone has a right to disagree with ideas), I've even been one to say his policies are ruining America. I posted these affectionate little blurbs about him when he was running for President, and less than a year after his election. But, when we read that text I told Squire,

"This just makes me absolutely sick. What a terrible day! I mean, it's one thing if a mass murderer has been killed, but our president? That is scary and horrible! This is not a good sign."

As it turns out, we talked to a couple of friends about the news we had just heard. They informed us, "Usama is dead! Not Obama!" "Oh!" we replied as relief flooded over us. We called the texter and discovered that in thinking "Usama Bin Laden", "Obama" had been typed out instead. Whew! What a drastic difference that made in the future of our country, and our moods!

I'm glad Michelle isn't suffering the loss of her husband, and that her girls aren't suffering the loss of their dad. Though he was a person too, it really is great news that a real tyrant is no longer plaguing the Earth - good ridens, Usama. And no, Geraldo, if Obama died - we would care. :)

Now with all that being said, Obama - since you're not really dead, I just want to let you know I hope the Republicans produce someone I can be proud to vote for in 2012, because I detest your policies. But, at least I don't dislike them so much that I wish you dead. We'll see you alive at the polls, Mr. President!

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  1. Yeah that was pretty common last night. A ton of news casters made that mistake. I'm not sure if you caught his speech but if you get a chance to listen, he might as well have said, "And you can ALL thank me, I basically did with my bare hands and found him myself." Well, not that bad but I think he was taking too much credit. He got lucky that some awesome guys found him on his watch. Ok thats all.



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