Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 Months Old, and Getting Older (and Wiser) Everyday

Finger/Hand Sucking: One of Lincoln's current favorite pastimes.
Lincoln's 3 month fact sheet:
  • Precipitation Levels: High. (He drools...a lot.)
  • Strength levels: Waxing dramatically. (The new Rocky?)
    • Can hold his head and back up on tummy time for almost 40 min. straight! (Likes watching mommy's dancing feet at Zumba.) 
    • Looks a bit less chunky and a bit longer too.
  • Eye color: Somewhere between brown and blue.
  • "Walking" style: Take 10 leaps with the left foot, and one hop with the right.
  • Favorite way to be held: Facing the holder's chest, with shoulder as a head rest.
  • Rolling skills: Novice. Has rolled over several times, but can't always remember how.
  • Naps: No. Not really. But does snooze in his car seat, while being held, and at night (usually for 6 hours at a time).
  • Likes: Light back scratches and cuddling.
  • Hair-Do: Receding hairline is filling in nicely, though there is still a small bald patch located at the rear.
  • Happy communication methods: Giggles, gasps, screams, and babble. Lots of words that start with "g" and sound like "Hi!". 
  • Attention: Demanded frequently. ;)
  • Cry: Still newbornish sounding, but with a shrill scream thrown in every so often.
  • Other skills: searching for and holding eye contact, grabbing at and holding toys, kicking/pulling off blankets that cover him from time to time. (Including nursing covers. . .)
  • Future interests: Seriously considering really liking being in his Johnny Jump Up.
Whoa! Too much flash!
A healthy double chin!
Can I play with the camera?

Still as cute as ever.

 We are loving watching our little Lincoln grow! Here's to three more months and then some!

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