Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Photos of Sasquatch

Squire likes to say that getting a picture of Lincoln smiling is like getting a picture of Sasquatch.

Here are our some happy pictures of the little Sasquatch:
(Please excuse the grainy quality of the pictures - all of these were taken by cell phone.)

Oh, and Sasquatch is real, by-the-way:


  1. He is so totally cute and I love his little smile!
    . . . and BTW, there really are Sasquatch or what we called them was "Big Foot" creatures and I just know I saw him in Blackfoot Idaho when I was younger. That's where they live too. My cousin and I were sleeping outside one summer night and we just know we saw him!! =)

  2. YES!! Chris and I have been quoting this video for months now :) So priceless... as are the pictures of your handsome man ;) You definitely have one precious little boy!

  3. Laura - I totally saw this youtube clip for the first time on your blog last year. I love it. That guy is awesome!! Haha. :)



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