Saturday, April 16, 2011

Memories for Sale

Big changes are on the horizon for the Hepworth family! We will be leaving our little basement apartment by the end of the month. We will be staying in Provo until we know for sure what we will be doing for medical school (probably until the end of June). Until we know, we have some friends who have generously offered their place to us for the Summer for a ridiculously low price. We're grateful for the money they will be saving us, but we feel quite sad to be leaving the home we've lived in our whole married life thus far (4 months shy of 3 years!) We have loved our cozy little basement. So, here's one last tour down memory lane:
- I loved walking in our home and seeing the "Hepworth" sign that the MacDonald's gave us for our wedding. *Sigh* Our home.
- I laugh thinking about the massive honey-do Squire accomplished in hanging all the pictures on the wall. What a guy!
- Seeing the piano makes me laugh even harder when I think about the ordeal it was to get it into our basement. I don't know how we are going to get that thing out! Haha.

- I love the cover for the Ottoman my mom made, the turquoise bowl Sheila Heims gave me for my bridal shower, the book of pictures from our wedding from Charlyce Altom, the beautiful hand-crafted mirror my cousin Sherecey gave me which never did seem to have a mirror in it. It sure made a statement though. Hehe.
- So many board games were played on that little coffee table.
- My mom, brother Jeremy, sister Riley, Squire's mom and dad have all taken their turn sleeping on that chair and on the couch.
- Our $35 D.I. 1970's couch. What a blessing and a find! Especially after we literally had to saw the couch Squire's Aunt Lynell gave us in half.
-Oh! And the dorky little poem I wrote to frame the tie I picked that set Squire and I up on our first date!
- The curtains I slaved over that both helped insulate our windows, and bring warmth into each room of our home.
- And we can't forget the fish tank! So much joy and entertainment. Boogie is about a foot long now! I'm sorry to say that our little tank has been rather neglected for the last while. But, it has brought us happiness for quite some time nonetheless.
- Our bedroom: our place of refuge and rest from the world. I remember the week before our mattress arrived though. That was one uncomfortable stretch!
- My throne (the rocking chair) and Lincoln's co-sleeper will always remind me of the hours of caring for and nursing him. There are still many memories in the making as well!
- The nested corner. Oh, and the mirror that Lincoln has peed on several times now! :)
- My colored chairs! What a literal pain in the neck those were. I spent many hours the Summer before we were married, talking with Squire on the phone as I painted, and painted, and painted.
- That table has been surrounded by years of conversation, good food and friends now.
- So many dishes have been washed in that little sink while flirting and bumping each other.
- And, many delicious (and not so delicious) meals and treats have been crafted and cooked in this little kitchen.
- *Sigh* My cabinet!! I have loved this sooo much! From the day we moved in. I am determined to have another like it someday.
- Our bookshelves are filled with some of the stuff we've learned at BYU over the last 5 years.
- Our office nook: the place where we've fallen asleep to too many Redbox DVD's while lounging in our camp chairs (thank you Coonce family!)
- My jewelry, waiting to be purchased, but mostly just looking cute on our dresser. Someday I'll pick the business up again. Probably sometime soon. :)
- Our Computer. My blogging home. The place where we've both spent hours being on and off task. (Mostly on task for Squire, mostly off task for me. ;) )
- The bathtub where I labored for 4 hours is now the bathtub where we bathe our sweet little boy.
- You can't see it in this picture, but I have loved seeing the beautiful and romantic beach scene Liz Hathaway drew for me as a bridal shower gift.
- I've beaten Squire too many times to count at darts on this magnetic dartboard Squire's mom gave us! Hehe. (Not really - Squire is much better than I am, but I'M the one writing the post so I can fabricate the past however I like, right? ;)
- THE BEAST! Haha. I love Squire for his ingenuity, manliness, and desire for order!
- The closet that made me say, "I feel really good about this place, Squire!" while we were apartment shopping. ;)
- And, finally, the laundry room. The place I've spent many hours talking with my friend (and landlady) Amy. Receiving and sharing advice, and miscellaneous food items could never be had in a more delightful place!

So, that completes our tour. If you like what you've seen and read and want something like that for yourself, and are looking for a one bedroom apartment in Provo, you may want to check out this posting on KSL.

We'll miss you little home. You've been good to us.

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  1. Umm you forgot the biggest selling point. . .whoever moves in will have like the greatest neighbors across the street :) We are gonna miss you!!



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