Monday, April 11, 2011

Lately. . .

I've compiled some photos to show you some of the more recent Hepworth happenings:

Lincoln is Balding
And you thought YOU were having a bad hair day! Notice the bald top half of Lincoln's head! Unfortunately, our baby is going through the aging process a little early because I'm quite certain he had more hair when he was first born. (As evidenced by the photo below.) Oh well, at least he has cute little bangs! Haha.

Husband's Handiwork
Squire built these overhead garage shelves for a guy. (He is still selling these custom shelves if you are in the area and interested p.s.!) I love that I have a handyman entrepreneur for a husband, and that he's getting some practice building overhead shelves before he builds them in our own garage someday! ;) Hehe.

New Eyes and Experiences
I got some new glasses! I wanted some big dorky ones. Those seem to be the "in" thing these days.
Here's a dorky face to go with the dorky glasses. AND -- Squire got contact lenses for the very first time! I won't embarrass him too much on here, but it must be said that learning to put in and take out contacts has been an uphill battle for Squire. (As it is for most first-time contact lens wearers.) I'm just glad he's been getting better at putting them in every day. . . and that I don't have to take them out of his eyeballs for him every night. :) He's lookin' pretty hot too!
Ok, so our newborn baby isn't really swimming, but we have taken a few baths with him and he absolutely loves it! We just hold Lincoln's little head and let him float and kick around. He takes after his mom with his love of water for sure. He also enjoyed his very first shower this last week.

Twice a year, our church has what is called "General Conference". We hear speeches from our prophet, the apostles and other church leaders. It is a 10 hour church marathon over the course of two days, and we love it. In my home growing up, we would always have a really yummy breakfast to eat. So to continue with the breakfast tradition in my home, we decided to try a new recipe: Banana Bread French Toast. It was pretty rich, but also very delicious.
Squire liked it. :) Here are a few of my favorite talks from this conference session (you can click them to watch):

Henry B. Eyring's "Opportunities to Do Good"

Richard G. Scott's "The Eternal Blessings of Marriage"

Lynn G. Robbins' "What Manner of Men and Women Ought Ye to Be?"

This is a picture of Lincoln with his Grandpa Hepworth from when he visited during Lincoln's blessing weekend two weeks ago. I just had to post it. It's too cute.

Licoln's uncle Jeremy came to stay the night on Saturday. Lincoln was upset about something, but Jeremy got him to calm down eventually. . .

Oh, and did you know that Jeremy is engaged?!! This is Heather, his fiance. They are getting married August 6th in the Logan, UT temple. I'm so excited for them both. :)


  1. Jamie, Lincoln is soo cute! Can I just say that I love keeping up with your little family via your blog. Don't know if you knew that, but now you do :) PS I'm 13 weeks pregnant and looking forward to our own sweet newborn soon!

  2. Man! You guys have a CUTIE!!!! He's so handsome! Also, congrats to Jer! Woohoo!! You can build some shelves for me someday when I have house, Squire!!! Those are so cool!



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