Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Cows come from Provo, UT

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About a week ago a girl in our single's ward asked me with a lowered voice,

"So, do you just feel like a total cow?!"

At first I was a little hurt, thinking she was referring to my not-quite-pre-pregnant body. But, when I realized she was actually referring to my milk supply I laughed,

"It's a little crazy at the beginning when your body hasn't regulated yet, but it's really not that bad," I told her.

Later, I took some time to ponder her comment and my initial response and have come to the firm conclusion that being a nursing mamma is not just "not that bad", it is awesome. Here are ten reasons why I love nursing:
  • No microwave, bottle or other accessories needed. I'm always ready to go. It really is the ultimate "fast" food.
  • I have a legitimate excuse to just relax and cuddle with my baby for a half hour at least every few hours.
  • Every wet and poopey diaper is a personal accomplishment. As is every ounce gained.
  • With an extra 500 calories at my disposal I have two very satisfying options: I can eat pretty much whatever I like and remain at an equilibrium with my weight - or just eat normally and shed my baby weight with ease.
  • Squire changes more of those "personal accomplishments" for Lincoln at night, because, well - I'm the one who has to stay up nursing! ;)
  • I love knowing I am the personal cause of my little baby's contented sighs, smiles and coos. Milk-dribbled baby faces are the best!
  • I will be stressed and uptight, but within a minute of getting that good latch, I feel completely relaxed. Thank you, Oxytocin!
  • The nutrition provided by breast milk cannot be beat, not for any price. . . yet, it's FREE!
  • In feeding my son, not only do I provide him with sustenance, I give the gift of myself.
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  • While I have to share him with the world now that he isn't hiding in my belly, nursing him means he will always come back to me. I get to keep him to myself for at least a little while longer.
So, if I have to be a cow, I'm pleased to be report that I'm a happy one, like the ones from California.


  1. I love nursing too! Claire is just about totally weened though, which is good because it gives me more freedom, but it's kind of sad too. She only nurses 2 times a day now but will still cuddle with me when she drinks from a bottle. Anyway, you can do it! I'm proud of myself for sticking with it for a year without ever giving her any formula. :)

  2. Beautiful! Nursing is so wonderful... I miss it, esp the milk dribbled smile!

  3. I have LOVED nursing too for all those same reasons! Plus, for me, it's an added bonus of special one-on-one time with each of my twins that they otherwise wouldn't get. Sadly now I'm starting the weaning process...

  4. Nursing is a neat experience. I loved it except for when she got about 7 months it became a bit of battle since she would much rather play than eat.



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