Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wins and Losses

Some days you win:

- You get 11 hours of sleep (albeit in 3-5 hour increments)
- Both you and baby are showered and dressed for the day.
- You get to go to Zumba for an hour with friends while baby sleeps soundly for dad.
- Baby sighs and coos the sweetest sounds while nursing, and then smiles an adorable open-mouthed smile, just for you.
- You manage to get 5 loads of laundry, a sink full of dishes, and even a couple other errands done in one day.
- You visit your husband at work and introduce your baby to your old professors.
- You see and experience the sunlight outside of your basement apartment.
-You can blog about your wonderful, perfect life. ;)

(Look mom! No oxygen! - No, he's not off the oxygen yet. We just used his bath time as an excuse to see his face without the tubes and stickers. Hopefully soon though!)

Some days you lose:

- Baby refuses to stop expressing his anger at not having his pacifier held in place for him, all night long.
- Baby wants to nurse nonstop for days on end, while mom eats nothing and never sleeps.
- No shower or fresh clothes (pajamas) for a day, or two, or two and a half. . .
- Baby poops a fresh diaper change. And then poops the next fresh diaper change too.
- Baby pees on the wall, his clothing, and the changing pad all during one diaper change.
- Baby grabs hold of the oxygen tubing on his face and doesn't know how to let go, but pulls and pulls and screams and screams as the sticker tugs at his soft little face! :(

(Check out those legs!)
Oh well! At least he's adorable - even when he's crying. (Most of the time.) ;)
And, it's a good thing there are winning days sprinkled in with those losing ones.


  1. The first few months can be really hard, Jami, but I'm sure you're one of the best moms in the world! Just keep looking ahead...oh, and eat! He can't nurse well if Mom doesn't have good nutrition. Hope he's off the oxygen soon. He's so cute!

  2. I'm in need of a win day soon! This post is so true :) He's sure a cute little man and hope he gets off the oxygen soon. Oh and by the way Davis is catching up in the chunky department. Lincoln better watch out!

  3. You are doing great! I remember sitting on the couch in my pjs nursing when Chris left for the day, and I'd be in the same spot 12 hours later, when he'd come home. The only difference was a few dirty diapers and some stains on my shirt.

    Just keep loving it...hr will move onto something new soon enough.

  4. This is where you try really hard not to shake the baby. Also I love that you wash Lincoln in the pee bin from the hospital. Cracks me up every time.

  5. @ Lori: Thanks for the encouragement. You are right about me needing to eat better. That is important.

    @ Jen: We should get together again and let them battle it out! Haha.

    @ Sis.Beckstrand: That is some awesome imagery. I've had several days almost exactly like that. Haha. Memories to laugh about later I guess. :)

    @ Heather: Hey! You have to admit that the little pink pee bin is the perfect size though! Haha. :)

  6. This is so cute and so true! I had to laugh! I had so many days like that. As does everyone, I think. In those first few months especially, everyday is something new for you and him! It's so fun and exciting and some! I'm happy for you!=))

  7. Yo! Oatmeal helps milk supply (you probably already know this), and drink lots of water! Jonah went through a phase during his last growth spurt (he's 10 months now, so around 9 months) when he wanted to nurse more than I felt I had, but we got through it with those two things.

    He's so handsome!!! You look good, too, Jami! I know you're doing a good job. Lori's right. It gets better. I think that moms grow an extra arm around 3-4 months. :) At least it feels like it!



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