Monday, March 7, 2011

More on Lincoln and a little on Motherhood

This post is a bit hod-podgey. We'll start out with some pictures:
Too bad my over-sized T-shirt says "Got Blue?" "Got Milk?" would have been so much more appropriate. ;) Love Lincoln's face in this one.
McKenzie was the first one to get to meet Lincoln.Squire's Dad, Trace and DeeRay all came up to visit and meet Lincoln too!
Lincoln already has a fan club! :)

Lincoln, about an hour after being born.

No kids under 14 allowed in the Level 2 NICU. So, Riley had to just watch from the window. It was a sad but comical situation. We set up a chair outside for her so she could watch from the window. She handled it much better than we thought she might. She's laughing and hiding her face from the picture.
Riley is loving being "Aunt Riley" now that she gets to play with Lincoln too. We found her reading to Lincoln like this the other day. Adorable.Father-Son bonding time.

Here is a picture of Lincoln after his first sponge bath at home. :)

Some of you may have noticed that our little Lincoln has oxygen tubes in his button nose! It turns out, that our baby has a severe case of reflux. His reflux causes his oxygen saturation to drop sometimes. He is taking medication to help control it. With the medication and with time, it will all clear up, probably within 2-4 months. The pediatrician said we can probably start weening him off the oxygen after a month. I'm not so happy about him having to be hooked up to oxygen and a heart monitor (his heart rate drops a little when his oxygen saturation goes down, so we have to keep an eye on that too). Sometimes I feel like ripping it all off just so I can look at and hold my baby - minus all the tubing! But, I'm really grateful at the same time because I know it is helping him. We had one really bad night with Lincoln when we didn't mix up his medicine enough and so he got more water than actual medication. Wow can our kid cry!! What would be the cause of any person's sanity to fail is not a problem because of his miracle medicine. All in all, Lincoln is a pretty calm and happy baby. He only really cries when he is uncomfortable or hurting from his reflux. Once we find out what is bothering him and attend to his need - he calms down immediately. He sleeps well, and is just about the cutest little baby the world has ever known. (Not that I'm partial or anything.) ;) Below is a picture of him at 6 days old.
I think Lincoln is already looking so different from his first few moments after birth. I still hold to my conviction that he looks like Squire did as a baby, but we have been trying to take note of what features of his are mine and Squire's. Here's what we think so far:

He has Squire's: nose, long feet and fingers, mouth, and round head shape.

He has my: chin, eyes (?), barrel chest, and inward-curved pinkie toes.

**A note on Lincoln's hair color - we thought it was strawberry blond right after he was born. He kind of has a hair color that looks really different in different lighting, but we're pretty sure it is just light brown.**

I feel like I am already learning so much after being a mom for just a week. Here's my take on motherhood so far:
  • You can have your own philosophies about what you think is best for your child, but sometimes you have to throw those out the window and just give your baby what they need. Case in point: Before Lincoln was born, I was considering not ever giving Lincoln a pacifier. (My reasoning was that if he was crying, there was a reason and that I shouldn't use a pacifier as a fix-all. Also, babies explore the world with their mouths and I felt that pacifiers would stifle that somewhat.) But, it turns out babies with reflux are really soothed by sucking. Yeah, Lincoln loves his pacifier and we give it to him whenever he wants it.
  • I feel like I get almost nothing tangible accomplished in a day, but yet I'm completely busy and exhausted. I am beginning to understand what life and schedule as a mom will be like.
  • Nursing is a wrestling match. For being so hungry at meal time - he sure does put up a fight about it! Haha.
  • While defying the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics as fetuses, they sure do make up for it after they are born. A fresh diaper and outfit change present the perfect opportunity for a blowout.
  • Babies smell really really really good.
  • I never knew that something as simple as pooping could warrant chants and cheers.
  • I love my own Mom even more, because I'm starting to understand everything she's done for me. Not only has my mom been a tremendous help this first week we've had Lincoln home, but - she gave me my life! She changed my poopy diapers, taught me how to live my life right, and has loved me all along. I hope I can do the same for Lincoln.
More posts are coming, whenever we get the chance. Life is good and we love Lincoln. You can read the post below if you are interested in Lincoln's birth story from my perspective. Or, you can read Lincoln's birth story from Squire's perspective.


  1. What a cute little boy! I am sorry to hear about his bad reflux. Knox had reflux but not nearly that bad and I know how hard it can be and I can't imagine that x20. It will get better after a few months!

  2. Ok Jami...your thoughts about your own Mom brought tears to my eyes. I had similar feelings about my Mom once again when I was helping Anya after the birth of Abram. There I was doing all of the things that my Mom had done so many times for me. Those tender feelings you have as a Mother will continue to touch your heart time and time again.

  3. Wow, you're such a trooper. Miles was bad enough with his reflux and food allergies, but I think I would have lost it if he was on oxygen and heart monitor too.
    About the blow outs, maybe it's time to bring out the cloth. That eliminates most blowouts.

  4. Lincoln is so cute! Sorry about the reflux, but before you know it he will be off the oxygen. You are awesome!

  5. You are a great mommy!!! all 1st time mom's go through that list of what they plan on and don't plan on doing for their kids.. but you are right! Tbabies let you know what they need for sure - I loved all of your thoughts because they were exactly the same things that I had to experience with Rhett.. so now when women without babies or 1st time mom's to be kind of give you weird looks when you do/don't do something for your child - especially when they through fits - just calmly think to yourself that one day they too will have a child going through the same things!

  6. Congratulations, Jami! He's pretty cute, and I love how he's been chunky from the start! :)

    Best of luck to you three, and I look forward to seeing how he grows, and how you grow as a family.

  7. Over half of my momma's babies had tubes and monitors galore (most with the same oxygen and heart monitors as your little Lincoln). She said the day they were gone was almost as good as the first time she held them :D He's such a handsome boy! We're so happy for you both!



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