Monday, March 28, 2011

Lincoln's Blessing Day (Weekend)

Here is a family photo from March 27, 2011 - Lincoln's Blessing Day! What a wonderful day it was too.
My family got in to town very late Friday night (or early Saturday morning). They came over to help prep our little basement for the family luncheon, but also to hang out! My dad was especially excited to meet Lincoln, as he wasn't able to come up until this weekend. We even let him watch Lincoln for an hour while we did a little shopping. He didn't mind at all:
My dad tried really hard to be get a picture of Lincoln smiling all weekend. (Lincoln does genuinely smile now.) But, he was unsuccessful in getting the shot he worked so hard for. This one is a gem though. ;)
We all had fun playing with Lincoln. Doesn't he look so cute in his little cloth diaper?! Another blog post on those later. :)
Love that little face!!
Squire tried to feed Lincoln a bagel, but Lincoln let him know he is only interested in mom's milk for the time being.
Here is a picture of Lincoln, early on his blessing day. He woke up with bright eyes and lots of smiles for mommy and daddy. He was so sweet the entire day and enjoyed being held by so many family members and friends. He only cried a bit after Sunday school, but was completely happy after a diaper change and some nursing time with mom. He's such a sweetie pie! (Doesn't he look great without stickers on his face?! He's down to only nights on the oxygen now - woohoo!)
Struggling with my mom a bit as she put his blessing shoes on. The shoes were my favorite part. Thank you for his beautiful blessing outfit Mom and Dad Elsmore!! :) You can see Squire's dad in the corner of this picture - he arrived late Saturday afternoon. On Saturday, he worked on our little Plymouth with Squire for a while (which he does every visit - Thank you Papa Hepworth!!), rounded up some folding chairs, and helped clean and set up for the family luncheon too.

All dressed and ready to go to church.
Had to get a pic with my baby!
The picture below is a really special one. Not only are there 4 generations of Hepworths, but these are all of the first Hepworth sons for the last 4 generations - all the "Deans" if you will. Charlie Dean (Great Grandpa Hepworth), John Dean (Grandpa Hepworth), Squire Dean (Dad) and now, Lincoln Dean! :) Lincoln was struggling with dad a bit as he wanted to throw his head back for the pictures. Haha.
Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hepworth with Lincoln. They came up from Page, AZ for Lincoln's blessing.
I just thought I'd post the next picture with this one:
Above is Grandpa Hepworth with Squire, below is Great Grandpa Hepworth with Lincoln. :)
I wanted to include a list of those who participated in the blessing circle, for the sake of good record keeping: Squire (who gave the blessing of course), John Hepworth, Jim Elsmore, Jeremy Elsmore, Charlie Hepworth, Vern Tripp, Dathan Jacobson, Kent Carlsen, Blake Roush, Jacob Boyack, Chad Hancock, and Bishop Whittaker who held the microphone. :)

Lincoln was blessed in the Single's ward we have been serving in since May. (Squire is the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric in case you didn't already know that.) That is a pretty unique circumstance I would say! :) Before Lincoln was blessed, Bishop Whittaker said that this is only the second time a baby blessing has ever happened in this ward - the last time being when the young 2nd counselor who served before we did, blessed his baby in the ward.

Several of our friends came to Sacrament meeting to share in the occasion too. It was so fun to see everyone there! The band room where sacrament meeting is held was packed!

It was a beautiful blessing. I felt the strong love Heavenly Father has for Lincoln yesterday as Squire was blessing him.

We had a wonderful time visiting with our families. The food for the luncheon was absolutely delicious - THANK YOU MOM! All-in-all it was a happy happy day. Thank you to everyone who helped and who came to share this special day with us.


  1. Sorry we didn't make it Jami. I love the picture of you and Lincoln and hooray for him not needing oxygen during the day.

  2. Thanks for sharing! So sweet!

  3. Sounds like it was a great day! He is so adorable! I love the 4 generation picture.

  4. We're sorry we couldn't come--we were at the hospital. :) He's adorable!

  5. You look so beautiful Jami and your baby is a munch!!!



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