Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My brother, Jeremy, introduced me to Julian Smith this last week while he was visiting Provo during his Spring break. I don't usually like professional youtubers, but I have to admit I find this guy pretty entertaining. The above video is my favorite. I think it's brilliant - it captures the essence of irritation (I know I feel at times) at being interrupted while "reading a book." The music is catchy and accompanying film is hilarious. Please do yourself a favor - take the 2 minutes and 26 seconds to watch it. I think you'll love it too.

After having read and studied so much in preparation for Lincoln's arrival, I've been indulging in some mindless happy reading the last couple weeks. If you want some feel good romance novels without the trash that some contain these days, you should check out Marcia Lynn McClure's novels. They always leave you sighing and feeling happy about love and life. I'm warning you though, you might get angry at being interrupted while reading. . . ;)


  1. That was pretty funny. I might have laughed out loud. Also, I read a ton of fiction books right after I had Rex. It was the only way I could stay awake while nursing. Read some of my favorite books in fact.

  2. HAHA! That was ridiculous! Also, Lincoln's little ST. Patty's day pics were so cute. He's so handsome!



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