Sunday, March 13, 2011

For the Grandparents: Lincoln's First Bath

Lincoln had his first real bath today. He cried for only a few seconds, then realized how nice and warm the water was. He was content the whole time, and loved having his little belly rubbed with the wash cloth. Squire says, "It was just how I imagined his first bath would be! I knew he'd love the water!" :)
Mommy holding him, all clean and ready for bed. Now let's see if he sleeps... ;)


  1. I wish I could cuddle with him right now!

  2. Jami he is PERFECT! Can't wait to meet him!

  3. Hey I want to hold him too! Looks like I only have to wait a couple of weeks! :-)

  4. Oh my gosh guys, he is ADORABLE. He was always adorable but he is coming out of that "alien newborn" stage that all babies go through. I hope this was all taken without offense, because, I can admit I had two alien babies. hehe Congrats!!



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