Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Tale of Two Pregnant Friends . . .

I have worked in Costco's bakery since October 2008 (with a couple breaks - as I was originally just a seasonal hire, etc.) I had the privilege to meet and work with Jen over the course of the last 2 1/2 years. We have shared so many hours working and talking with each other. . . but that isn't all we've shared! It turns out Jen and I found out at the end of June 2010 that we were both expecting babies. And a handful of weeks later, Jen and I found out we were both expecting baby boys! Jen's "due" date is February 24th, and mine is March 4th.

And you know what?! It has been fabulous to have a friend going through the same things at the exact same time. We have shared products we've researched, tidbits from our birthing preparations, and other pearls of wisdom from our doctor/midwife appointments. We even had some lively discussions/debates about exciting topics such as circumcision! Haha. In our first few months when we both felt nauseous, we shared secret stashes of saltine crackers and other snacks. We truly understood when one of us would have to make several mad dashes for the bathroom through the work day, when one of us would be hunched over from sciatic nerve pain, or when we would come in to work with bloodshot eyes from a sleepless night, etc. We've dreamt about our baby boys and spent hours talking and guessing at what each will look like. We've compared their movements and taken stabs at what their temperaments will be like. We've laughed at our lopsided bellies, and at the cute things our babies have done at work - like Jen's baby startling at loud noises.

Even though we are "due" (I'm doing the "quote" thing, because we all know darn well that due dates are just a guesstimate of when a baby will really be ready to come!) about a week apart, we certainly don't look it! Our bellies have been compared extensively throughout the course of our pregnancies. While some have commented on my belly with such statements as, "Are you sure there's only one baby in there?!" and even a blatant, "You're bigger than a Mack truck!!", Jen has had to endure questions and comments like, "Are you sure you're eating enough?!" and, "Are you sure your baby is ok? You're so small!" We however, just laugh. Pregnant girls come in all shapes and sizes. And, even though we have gained a comparable amount of weight, we just carry our two healthy baby boys, very differently.As a grand finale, we decided to conclude our pregnant adventure together by getting pedicures, and getting a sweet treat from Coldstone. (Hey, my feet and ankles (on the left) may be swollen, but at least they are soft and cute now!) ;)One more belly shot, just for fun.I am so excited to meet my baby boy and Jen's! I'll make sure to post a picture of our boys once they arrive and meet face to face. I just had to take a minute to celebrate our journeys to motherhood with a post. I'm glad I've had Jen through this pregnancy. It has been one wild but happy journey.

Until next post! :)

Updated 3/10/11: You can read the rest of our adventure together here! :)


  1. it's okay Jamie I was as big as a truck too! I had one sister in my ward tell "ya know hunny I know you think your really big, but I must say you are really big!" I was only like 7 months pregnant at the time too!

  2. Yay! That is so much to have someone to share that stuff with. And thats great you got a pedicure! Felt great didn't it?! I got one right before I gave birth and nothing has ever felt that good!=) Cab't wait to see pics of your little boy!

  3. Love the pics! You look great, Jami!

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