Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Request: Yummy "Freezer Meal" Recipes!

Dear Friends and Family,

Tomorrow is my last day of work (woohoo!!) and so I'm hoping to start building up a supply of freezer meals before Smalls arrives! (Because if I don't really feel like cooking now, I'm pretty sure I'll feel like it even less when I have a little baby to cuddle and dote on 24/7.) So, I'm requesting your help by requesting recipes.
Crockpot freezer meals are a plus.
Maybe some soups? Or meals that would only require me making some rice or pasta to accompany? We have a chest freezer, so we have plenty of room to store a large amount of frozen food.

I would love if you would share some of your favorite freezer meal recipes and/or links to food sites you've tried and trust! You can comment with them, or email them to me at jami hepworth at gmail dot com.

Thank You!




  1. I use to use a site called, (it is a subscription $21.00 for 3 mo) but they change their menu every thursday. They have an entire section of freezer meals that are really good and the part I really liked was that they give you instructions and labels to print out with the freezer packets.

    I'll see if I can round up some of our favorites and send them to you.

  2. I suggest stocking up on easy snack foods too, like yogurt, fruit, healthy drinks, recharge and emergency are good. Because the first few days you need to eat a lot and it's good to have easy simple things you can just put in your mouth. But soup is great. I'll think of easy recips too but thats just an idea.

  3. We have a food saver, so if we have leftovers we pretty much freeze anything. Lasagna, pot roast, soup, etc. I have a cooking blog you can read some of the recipes there if you want

    Let me know if you have questions about any of them.

    Also, here is a link to a helpful link on how to freeze soups... like what to under cook and such

  4. "Shepherd's Pie"- this is the version my husband loves:

    1 lb hamburger
    8 oz tomato sauce
    1 C frozen green beans, or 1 can
    3 C mashed potatoes
    grated cheese to top

    Brown the hamburger (I sometimes add onions or whatever sounds good and the end result is different every time I make it), then mix with tomato sauce and green beans. Spread evenly in 9x9 pan. Spread potatoes over hamburger and top with cheese. Cover pan with foil and then freeze.

    When you are ready to eat it, bake for 60-70 minutes at 350. Or if you thaw it in the fridge for ~8 hours you will only need to bake for 25 minutes.

    The downside is you will be out a square pan until you eat it. Another meal I like to freeze is enchiladas- those you can make and freeze in a ziploc.

  5. This is the YUMMIEST cheesy potato soup. Every time I make it, I double or triple (as our family grows), and put the leftovers in a tupperware and into the freezer.

    You could also make some bread to freeze that you can pull out with it, and also some pizza crust dough.

    Happy nesting and end of working!!!

  6. Any sort of enchillada freezes well as does stuffed pasta shells. I won't give you my recipes, because I'm sure you already have some amazing ones, but I just wanted you to know they freeze well.



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