Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I decided after months and months of torturous time-consuming long hair that it was time for an update. (This is a picture of me at my freshman roommate's baby shower a few weeks ago.)
I commissioned my friend, Audi (she works at Image Maker Salon in Orem - for all you who live in the area), to cut my hair for me. I love it! I love having a hair-do with a little more shape. And, from what I hear about little babies loving to pull long hair, I'm sure I'll love my "do" even more when he arrives. :) And so I present to you, the "Mamma-Do":

(The side profile.)

And below I have a frontal view with a belly shot. I'm 33 weeks and 5 days in this picture. My belly has really grown! My belly feels so tight now! I'm still really enjoying pregnancy, but I'm also starting to feel ready to have my body back.

  • I'm proud of the fact that I can and still do shave my legs every day.
  • But, I often need nudges from Squire to get in and out of the car, and out of bed the fifteen times a night I have to go pee. (OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it feels like it sometimes!)
  • I miss hugging Squire and being really close to him - I have to turn sideways for that now.
  • I miss wearing my wedding ring. I will never think twice when I see a pregnant woman without a wedding ring now. Haha.
  • I miss putting my socks on, carefree. The hyperventilation and the grunting I undergo to get my socks and shoes on each morning are quite the display.
  • Is my belly button and inie or an outie? I don't know. Somewhere in between I think. But it is a little disturbing. It's ok, I can't usually see it anyways. ;)
  • I miss being able to move the way I used to. You know, like in a straight line without hobbling, and without sympathetic looks all day long.
Not only am I ready to have my body back, but I really, really, really want to meet my little boy!!! Well, maybe not SO little. He is measuring in the 69% percentile at about 5 1/2 lbs. a week ago - the ultrasound tech is predicting he'll be an 8 1/2 pound baby! Oh, and speaking of my baby and hair - he has some. This was a big surprise to Squire and I both because we were both pretty bald babies. But, it's exciting too. :) Squire asked the tech when she told us he has hair, "So, what color is it?" Haha. What do you think? Vote in the poll below Smalls' picture.


  1. I tried voting a few times with no luck, so I'll post my vote. I'm guessing he'll be bald, and the tech was wrong. They always say there's hair, even with bald babies.

  2. I also tried voting but it didn't work. I also said no hair, the tech was wrong :). You are so cute with your baby belly, but im thinking it's too early for you to be feeling done! The next weeks could be very long! Hold in there! We miss you guys.

  3. You shave your legs everyday?? WHY?

    Also, he'll have brownish/blond hair.

  4. tried to vote, but it took me to the poll website. i think he'll be strawberry blonde.

    I'm not pregnant, and I only shave like once a week (at least in the winter time)

  5. You look great Jami!!! And I love your hair, that is how I am tring to grow mine out to be right now!

  6. @ Katelyn: I absolutely HATE having any hair on my legs. Even if I'm wearing pants, it feels nice to know my legs are smooth underneath. Haha. Just one of pet peeves for myself I guess. :)

  7. I think he'll have a little bit of baby hair that will be blonde! :D LOVE that you are so close I really hope you had a wonderful shower

  8. I thought both of my kids had black hair when they were born, then as we washed them more and more we realized it was just blood! Well, Vivian's was pretty dark, but Levi's was all just dried blood. Yuck! So... I'm guessing your baby will have black hair, at least for the first day or so. :) Nice bod!

  9. hmmm-baby hair color? My guess is it will be strawberry. Being a dark married to a red-our baby came out with and still has strawberry hair and when she's mad it turns even more red. So I think strawberry.



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