Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Boy. . . named___________.

Naming a baby is a huge responsibility! When I took my creative writing class in the Spring, I had an assignment to write about my own name. What seemed an inconsequential subject turned into a much more complex and meaningful one as I thought about all the implications and experiences I'd had with my name. As Squire (Talk about a name! ;) ) and I are thinking of naming our baby, we realize what a big responsibility that is - a name can influence how our son perceives himself, and how others perceive him as well. Our names become our own, and we become our names, in a sense. In choosing a name, you have to consider the meaning, every possible nick name and potentially unfriendly rhyme - even the initials!

In our ever constant and earnest search for potential names for "Smalls", we have discovered so many, shall we say, awe-inspiring names? We are still waiting to meet our baby until we name him for sure, but it is fun to talk and think about what his name could be. We've really enjoyed coming up with the best worst names for our baby - just for a good laugh. So, take your vote (with a comment) - which of these names is the best of the worst? Or, do you have a "best" name of your own to submit? Here are some of the "winners" we came up with:

  • Coco Nehemiah (I think this is my personal favorite.)
  • Aladdin Bathasar (Sounds adventurous!)
  • Candy Cain (We could just call him, "CC"!)
  • Jafar (If you have Aladdin as a choice you have to have this one!)
  • Angus Ichabod (How 'bout some A-1 with that steak?)
  • Chester (This one is disturbing to me because of the common rhyme it is paired with these days.)
  • Casanova Anatol (Anatol is a fictional character in an Austrian play - an Austrian Casanova if you will.)
  • Adolf (Um, yeah. . . NO! Haha.)
  • Percy Cornelius (He'd need to get tough or die.)
  • Vanity (Gotta teach 'em young!)
  • Obama Osama (Favorite political figures, with a nice rhyme scheme.)
  • Sue! He could even have a song about his plight:
Johnny Cash's song, "A Boy Named Sue":

(With the exceptions of "Vanity" and "Candy", we found all of these names under the boy section of our baby name book! We also found some online at Great site p.s.)

What I think is so fun about waiting to name our baby until he is born, is how everyone has taken to a name for our baby and often calls him by that name:
  • My parents, Granny Shanks, and sister McKenzie call him, "Lincoln".
  • My brother calls him, "Forrest".
  • My sister, Riley calls him "Freddy".
  • Squire's dad doesn't call our baby by any particular name, but he really likes the name, "Iver" - a family name from way back.
  • We just call him: "Smalls", "Tiny Bear", "Baby", and "Little Boy". When either of us says, "I (We) just love him!", we are pretty much referring to our baby too. :)
Hopefully our baby won't develop a personality disorder with all of the different names he is hearing directed at him in utero. Haha.

(On a mostly unrelated side note: Speaking of funny names, I have begun to harbor a small obsession with Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags. They are so dang cute!!! What is your favorite/dream diaper bag?)


  1. Chester the Molester...thank you Mom! haha

  2. OH my gosh Jami! I have a baby gift for you, basically long story short Emma made it impossible for me to come to the shower. But I have a gift I need to get to you! Hopefully before he's born!

  3. Angus Ichabod is my fave from the extensive list of bad names. :) I always loved the story of Sleepy Hollow and Angus just sounds pimply and cool!

    Iver... hmmm, I like that one.

    I'm glad you guys are having fun coming up with names, it was never a party for us. In fact, it was so bad the first time we pretty much don't talk about it till right before the baby is born now.



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