Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to the future?

I get chuckles from most everyone I tell what I'm going to try to defend in this blog post. That being that Baby Hepworth is going to look just like his daddy! "How on earth could anyone tell something like that?!" you might be thinking. Well, I guess no one can ever be really sure, but I have a hunch that Squire's chubby cuteness will be reincarnated in this little boy in my belly, and I have the evidence to back up my theory!

Take for example, the "Substantial" leg:It's long, a little trunk-like at the ankle. Strong and meaty. Now look at Squire's leg:
Or these little arms with big hands, with a little crease at the wrist from his chunkiness:

And here, we see Squire, sucking on his hand in a similar fashion as he enjoys a moment with his Grandpa Hepworth:
These long feet. . .
. . . are in this picture too:
But probably the most convincing, is little Hepworth's facial features. You can see, even at just 10 1/2 weeks the little "pointy-uppey"nose. . .
. . .and in this one from his 20 week ultrasound, the round, round head, higher cheekbones, and Squire's almond eye shape.
The cheekbones and nose:
The round head shape:
The eyes:
Unfortunately, my ultrasound pictures only came in black and white, so the mystery of Smalls' hair color will remain a mystery until he is born. But we can always hope:
Squire is getting so excited to spend time with his son: to hold him, see him, and play with him. He loves poking and rubbing my tummy every morning and evening. Who would have thought that each little movement our baby would make, would make us fall in love with him even more than we already do? We can't wait to meet him and the time is passing fast - only 2 more months! Squire already has plans to teach him how to fish:
And how to sled and play in the snow:
It's only a matter of time before Squire gets to "catch" the baby (assuming the birth goes as we hope.) :)
I'm hoping my intuitions are right about little Smalls' appearance because I think Squire was adorable - and still do! ;) (Let's be honest here, half the reason I did this post was really just to brag about how cute Squire was as a baby and little boy.) :)

So, what's the verdict? Do I have you convinced that Baby Hepworth will be a blast from the past?


  1. Hey Jami! I thought the same thing as you. Because of course I think my husband is cute now but he was adorable as a baby! Oh, you just want to EAT 'em cute. And I just knew Logan was going to come out looking just like him. Even in the ultrasound you could see he had Adam's shape of body and head. And for the most part he did, he came out with jet black hair and he was Adam. Now 2 years later people stop me all the time to tell my blondie looks just like me. =) I honestly can say, he is 50/50 of us and thats nice. They change so much who knows! But it doesn look like he is going to have some cute chub on him! I'm very excited for you guys!

  2. Not that I disagree with you, but I read somewhere that women tend to over-emphasis the resemblance between their children and the father--this is to assure the father that he really is the father and create a bond between father and baby so father won't leave. Having said that, I think Rex looks exactly like a blonde Greg. But no matter what or who your baby looks like, I'm sure he will be adorable.



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