Friday, December 31, 2010

My Very First Blog Award! :)

My friend, Katelyn Fagan awarded me a "Stylish Blogger Award!!" My very first blog award ever! I've been a little busy with Christmas craziness, but I wanted to take a minute to thank her. So, THANK YOU, Katelyn. I appreciate the recognition. :)

There are a few rules that come with this award:

--You must thank the person who gave you the award
--You must share 7 facts about yourself
--You must award 7 new bloggers with the award
(and comment or tweet them so they know that they've won!)

So, here are 7 facts about me:

1. I love to eat ice cream during the Winter months and drink hot chocolate in the Summer.
2. My two greatest career aspirations as a young girl were to be a figure skater and/or to be an author of children's literature.
3. I was my high school drum major for 3 years. I cry when I see marching bands in parades or at half-time shows at football games.
4. I lived with a host family in Vienna, Austria for 3 months through a BYU study abroad. It was an amazing, life-changing experience. The only disappointment from the trip was that I accidentally melted some of my host moms' Tupperware while preheating her oven - I didn't realize the oven was a common place for Tupperware storage! I've lost contact with my host family since then. I'm almost certain it was because of the "incident." :*(
5. I've always been a little too "creative" for my own good. In my younger years, I flooded the upstairs twice - (C'mon! Wouldn't it be neat to have your whole house be a swimming pool?!) and super-glued my fingers together while fixing a necklace at about 1 in the morning, among other crafty endeavors.
6. Even though I'm a fully-grown woman, I still wake up around 3 or 4am on Christmas morning and can't sleep till I've opened my presents. Squire and I may or may not have opened our Christmas presents around 3:30am this year . . . :)
7. I always say "Gesundheit!" (Health!) when people sneeze. If they sneeze a second time I say, "Schรถnheit!" (Beauty!) and for a third, I wish them, "Fruchtbarkeit!" (Fertility!)

I would like to award these 7 individuals with the
coveted "Stylish Blogger Award":

1. Amy - Oh So Savvy Mom! A great informational/entertaining blog about so many mommy topics. She's the one who inspired me to do cloth diapering for our little baby.
2. Laura - Laura is a great writer and is so creative with her posts and her blog backgrounds/headers. She makes them all herself from scratch!
3. Ricki - She's so witty and always has something fun to say! She updates frequently which I love because there's more to read and enjoy.
4. Tara - Her blog will make you laugh, cry, and cry while you're laughing. She is an exceptionally talented writer and I always love to read her posts.
5. Heather & Allie - This is a fairly new blog written by two sisters. The both write very well, and their take on life is refreshingly optimistic and hilarious.
6. Heather - This blog is private, so I'm sorry if you can't access it. But, I had to give Heather an award. She is so eloquent. I love the refreshing honesty and sincerity in her blogging style.
7. Katy - Her posts are usually short, but oh so sweet! She draws most of her posts from everyday happenings. She tells them so creatively with both beautiful photography and text. Perfect timing. A delight to read.

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