Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm a duck.

Well, that's about how I feel these days. I'm specifically referring to two of my pregnant abilities:

The first being, that I can still swim over a mile - in my third trimester! I'm just as surprised as everyone else. I actually accidentally drove over my goggles and cracked them a few weeks before Thanksgiving. I was working 40 hours a week at work leading up to Thanksgiving and Squire was so busy with school, we didn't end up purchasing a new pair for me until Thanksgiving break. I was nervous going back to the pool as it had been about a month since I had gone swimming. But, I swam a 2,000! (A mile is 1,650 yards at BYU's pool - 66 lengths) I'm going swimming again tonight. I can't wait. I feel so powerful exercising in the water - even if my bottom moves side to side a little more than it used to, and even though my flip turns take me about twice the time they did in my pre-pregnant body. ;)

The second of my pregnant abilities (or should I say inability? disability?) is my growing need to waddle. I fight it. Sometimes as I walk around, I conscientiously think about walking in a straight line, with my hips facing forward, with no side to side rocking in my step. Sometimes I can hide it. But, after about 6-7 hours into my work shifts in the bakery, I find myself receiving sympathetic looks from my co-workers and other Costco shoppers as I waddle my way to the front of the store to take my last much-needed fifteen minute break. Haha!
This is a picture of me today: 27 Weeks, 5 Days. (My stretchy Modbod T-Shirt is starting to get a little short! Hehe!)

At this point in my pregnancy, I can say I am genuinely starting to feel discomfort with the size of my belly. I tell my belly, "OK, so you've grown enough. Not much bigger than this alright? Agreed?!" But, my belly keeps eerily quiet. No response. And somehow it stretches another inch in wherever it can. My belly button disappears a little more each day. I wonder whether I'll develop an outie or if I'll just have nothing there at all by the end.

The end though, is getting nearer and nearer each day. I feel like the time has flown by and now I'm in a rush trying to get all the loose ends tied together. I have about 5 books I'd like to read before Smalls comes. I don't know how much I'll get in, but it is crunch time now. I'm doing what I can, researching everything. My baby showers (one in Reno and one in Provo) are coming up so soon! Registering for everything is a little overwhelming! Sometimes I wish I had an extra couple of months to pause the whole process to prepare and research more than I will have time to!

FYI: Thank you for all of your great advice on the natural birth methods, etc. I have chosen to prepare myself with the "Hypnobabies" method (similar to the Hypnobirthing method). I already have my home study kit and it is AMAZING! No matter what happens, I think it will really help me to stay calm. I'll let you all know how it works after the baby comes! :)

Other pregnancy tidbits:
  • I miss nectarines, a lot. I wish they were still in season.
  • I am being asked when I'm due several times a day now.
  • I have my next appointment on Friday - Glucose test here I come!
  • More people reach out to touch my belly than before.
  • Smalls really reacts to Squire's voice. I think he likes the deep sound of it.
  • Less than three months till my due date!!
  • I really, really, really love my little baby.
Until next post!


  1. Good for you for still swimming. The better in shape you are the better your labor will go, and the faster your recovery. I run through my 30th week. During labor I just told myself I was running a marathon (one more mile), and then recovery was a breeze. Keep it up little duck.



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