Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mamma Hepworth.

I know a small handful of you are aware of this, but many of you probably don't know that Squire's mom passed away on September 8th this year. Her birthday was December 10th. In honor of what would have been her 52nd birthday, I'm posting some pictures and memories of her life. Here is a link to her obituary. So, here's to you Mamma (Beth Wynn) Hepworth:
Here is a picture of her getting dolled up for her high school prom (1977).
None of the family knew why she had the raggity-ann look for this picture, but we all loved this one of her.
Here are a few engagement pictures of Squire's mom and dad. They remind me a bit of our own Western-style engagement pictures.
Here is a picture of Squire's mom and dad on their wedding day: November 10, 1984.
And, another of them together in matching Christmas pajamas. I'm pretty sure she made them. Mamma Hepworth was quite the seamstress. She made all 4 of her sons Halloween costumes throughout the years and was constantly working on a project or two.
Here is a picture of her with 3 of her sisters.
She loved horses and all animals. She won many equestrian competitions in her youth. Mamma Hepworth read many of the stories from James Herriott's, "All Creature Great and Small" series to Squire and his brothers when they were young. We now love to read those books together as a couple. Squire often comments on which stories were his mom's favorites. They are usually the stories we love the best too.
Here are a few pictures of Squire with his mom as a baby and child. She loved all 4 of her sons so much! (Even though she wished for Squire to be a girl - he would have been "Heidi Hepworth" had he been a girl. This was something she liked to remind us both of from time to time.)
Love this one of Squire the "Michelin Man" with his adoring mamma. I admired Squire's mom for having given birth naturally (with help from a midwife) to all 4 sons - at home! I wish she was still around for me to talk with her more about her experiences.
While Squire was a chunky baby, he certainly wasn't as chunky as a young boy. He was stick thin! Squire's mom always liked to tell us about how when Squire was little and going to school, how he would skip out on lunch so he could have more time to play at recess. So, for a couple weeks, she went to school everyday at lunchtime to sit with Squire just to make sure he would eat his lunch. Her diligence in the lunch room may have well saved my husband from self-starvation! ;)
You can see Larry, Luke and Squire playing in the car here. Trace is still in the oven. :)
Here are some pictures of Mamma Hepworth on our wedding day. She looked so great. That pink dress was actually her burial dress. It was her favorite one. She felt so beautiful wearing it.
Another fun little story: Mamma Hepworth could never keep a secret. So, the weekend I went up to Page, AZ to meet Squire's family (which was also the weekend he proposed), Squire hadn't told his mom he was going to be proposing. But, after we went on the Glen Canyon "Dam tour", and after I was packed up in the car to head to the place he would propose (Squire's grandpa's ranch in Paria) Squire decided it would be an appropriate time to let her know - she had no way to be able to spill the beans at that point. Squire flashed the ring at his mom and told her, "I'm going to go propose right now!" Squire said she had huge eyes, and her mouth was open wide, both in a smile and in shock. She laughed her little "Hehe!" laugh. I wish we had a recording of it somewhere.
I love this picture of Squire dancing with his mom at our reception. I think it is a good summation of their relationship in many ways. Squire loved to tease his mom and make her laugh. She loved to laugh at his jokes, and she was always so proud of him. You can see that in her eyes I think.
Below is a picture of Grandma Hepworth with her 3 grandbabies. She loved babies, especially her grandbabies. From the moment we were engaged she was asking, "So when are you two planning on giving me grandbabies?!" One night, we were talking to Mamma Hepworth on the phone and she told us, "You two really need to get on with having a baby! I want grandbabies!" It was really fun to call her the next day after we got our positive pregnancy test. Squire said, "You know how you told us to get on with having a baby? Well we worked on that last night and Jami's pregnant. You're going to be a grandma again!" She laughed and laughed. "You can't get pregnant that fast! Really? You're going to have a baby?!" We both wish we could have seen her hold our little boy. She was more excited than anyone else for our baby.
This picture is the last one we have of us with Mamma Hepworth. This was also the last time we saw her before she passed away. We enjoyed our time talking with her over Kneader's All-you-can-eat French Toast and Sourdough pancakes.
We miss you, Mamma Hepworth. We treasure all the good times we shared with you. We love you.


  1. That was a great post made me cry.

  2. Jami, that is Absolutely the most touching tribute to Beth! It made me cry for missing her and also for the Joy of getting to see her in her earlier years to celebrate her life! She always talked about her sons and loved them sooo much! It's fun to get to see the pictures of that and to get to know more about Beth! Thank You!


  3. Jami, I can't tell you enough how much I loved your post as a tribute to Beth. The first and second picture was the first time I saw the beth I remembered from so long ago. We lived next to them and my oldest daughter was a friend of Beth's and Joanna was a friend of other daughter! I'm going to save all these pictures because they were progressive in her life and I felt so close to Beth's Mom as a result and the rest of the family.Thank you so very much.....You made my day!



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