Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunt

The day after Thanksgiving, we went with my family up to Frenchman's lake to cut down fresh Christmas trees. On the drive up, Squire took a 2 minute break to build a snowman on the side of the road.
The truck got stuck in the snow at one point. Here was a fun picture of all the boys' bums as the pushed it out.
My two beautiful little sisters. Looking fabulous in their Russian hats.
The snow was about a foot or so deep throughout. We hiked up a pretty steep hill to get to the landing where most of the trees were.
At one point, I had to take a rest. Hiking in the snow while being "great with child" is quite the workout!
Here's a picture of my handsome dad (or "Daddy-O" as Riley likes to call him) - look at that gray hair coming in! His hair must know it's time for him to be a grandpa I guess. ;)
I love this picture of my mom, Kenzie, and my Granny Shanks. What beauty - in three generations!
My mom really liked this tree, but dad said it was a bit too tall. Haha.
So, they chopped this guy down instead. Dad, Jeremy and Donnie had quite the adventure in hauling this tree down the mountain.
And our little tree, well, he wasn't that hard to carry at all! :) We wanted to name him, "Freddy" in honor of the the name Riley has already decidedly given to our unborn child. But, when we told her that was what we were going to name the tree, she informed us that the tree was really named, "Ashley". But, Squire said the tree was definitely a "boy" tree. So, we decided on the traditional, "Charlie" for our sparse little Silvertip instead of "Freddy".
Here's the truck with the spoils.
When we got home and set him up, Squire thought it would be fun to take some time to count Charlie's rings. How old would you guess our little tree is? Well, if each ring really counts for a year's growth, our tree is 28 years old! Pretty crazy, huh?
Well, enough of the hunt story. We now present to you: Charlie! In all his homemade ornament/tree skirt glory. I'm pleased to say that all those ornaments (minus the popcorn strings and mini cranberry wreaths) are the original ornaments from our very first Christmas together! I enjoyed all the hours I spent working with Suzanne Disparte to make them all. They were quite a bit of work, but it paid off I think! Those ornaments are now enjoying their 3rd year on display. Can you spot the little Santa stocking under the tree? That's our first present under the tree for now. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Elsmore!
This year Squire and I will be celebrating Christmas at home, just the two of us. It will be our first, but we are getting really excited for it. More posts on our Christmas festivities to come!


  1. Greg and I will also be home alone this Christmas. It's kind of weird not to be stressed about traveling somewhere. But I am really excited about getting to start our own little traditions.

  2. This is too fun. I love reading your blog, and sometimes I keep it open in a tab on my browser so that I can keep listening to the music you have on it! I did it for Halloween, and now Christmas. Ha ha ha. So, I awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award: http://whatsupfagans.blogspot.com/2010/12/stylish-blogger.html

    You deserve it!

  3. That looks like so much fun! Wish we could get snow and cut down our tree. Can't really do that in Florida unless you want a palm tree.=P



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