Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Ties Unforseen" - 3 Years and Still Lovin' It

Three years ago today, Squire and I went on our last first date. Little did we know that we were both going on our first date with our future spouse! Do you all know how our first date was arranged? I posted a little blurb before, but never went in to much detail. Well, I feel that today is an appropriate day to expand. :)

The girls in our single's ward wanted a date activity, so the Relief Society organized one. (Thanks to Chelsea Nelson who did most of the organizing - including convincing Squire to do the date.) She went around to all the boys apartments, and got a tie from each boy who wanted to participate in the group blind date. The Sunday night the week before the date all the boys' ties were laid out on the pool table in the apartment lounge. Each girl got a small slip of paper on which to write her name and number. We then "chose" a tie by setting our slips on a tie. I remember being faced with the sea of ties and trying to study them all so carefully. Who was the owner of this tie? What personality would this tie's owner have? In the end, my choice was narrowed to a simple hunter green tie, and a red one with little blue flowers. I kept going back a forth on my decision. In the midst of my indecisiveness, I remember a quiet but distinct voice in my mind say, "Just pick the red one." So I did.

Here is a picture of the chosen tie: (we keep it hanging on our wall in this shadow box - Squire likes to say he will be wearing it to church about every other Sunday or so.)

Monday evening, I got a call from Squire setting up our date for Friday (November 30th, 2007). Here's the recap of our first date:

Squire made me dinner that night: Cotoletta, an Italian dish similar to Wiener Schnitzel with a side of potatoes. He learned how to make it from his Italian companion, Elder Mozzarella, on his mission. I found out Squire thought I had served a mission in Germany because I often spoke with Jim Rhoden (a mutual friend in our Single's ward) in German. Nope! I was only 19. I was impressed by his cooking skills and his chivalrous dating skills (he opened all my doors and pulled out my chair, he was dressed very nicely, etc.)

After dinner we headed to his intramural volleyball game - which was the last of the season. He was the captain of the team made up of our fellow ward members. I acted as a cheerleader and a line judge. Squire flirtatiously tried to get me to make all the line calls in favor of his team. I never made an unfair call. But, I thought it was pretty funny and cute when Squire would give me a thumbs up or a "Good call!" every time the ball landed in their favor and I called it as I saw it (as though I was going along with his plot). Haha. He still makes me laugh every day with his sense of humor. 

After the game, we competed in a large picture scavenger hunt with several other couples. We had so much fun running around ShopKo, parking lots, Taco time, and other random locations snapping silly pictures of ourselves with the other couples on the date. I remember Squire pushing me in a shopping cart at one point. I also remember having to tell him it was ok for him to not get my car door at every stop - we needed to win!! I think he liked that I was competitive. Although, that night was about the only exception Squire has allowed for not getting my car door. He still gets it for me every time to this day.

We ended the night with a short hug at the door. I texted Squire after I got in to thank him for the great date and to say I hoped we could do something in the future. But, by the end of the date we already had a few things set that would allow us to spend more time together: Squire invited me to be a part of his dinner group, and Squire told me he always wanted to learn to play the piano. I graciously offered to give him some lessons for free. ;)
Tonight, as is tradition in our home, Squire will be making Cotoletta for dinner for the two of us. I can't wait. :) Here's to three years and many more to come. I love you, Squire Hepworth.


  1. Aaaw, that is such a sweet story. I knew it already, but I like all the other bits like you guys still have that dinner and he says he's going to wear the tie. You guys are so good to each other!

  2. That is adorable! I love that you guys re-enact your first date every year. Greg and I still fight about what our first date really was because we were friends for a while before we started dating.

  3. You know what, I don't think I've ever hear that whole story! That is an AWESOME first date memory, you two are something out of a story book. We miss you!

  4. This is a sad reflection on myself, but my main take away from this post is: I really really want some cotoletta.

  5. What a great story! I love it! Picking the tie...talk about the Lord's hand being involved! :)



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